Remodeling Your Kitchen to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

When you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, your main goal is to increase its value without spending too much money. The kitchen is arguably the most scrutinized part of the home, which makes it a perfect candidate for a remodeling project. To increase your home’s resale value, try to remodel the kitchen with these ideas in mind. You might secure that bid that you were dreaming about.

Swap Out the Hardware

You’ve cleaned the cabinets until they shined brightly, but the kitchen still looks outdated. Spruce up the space by adding new hardware. New handles and knobs on the cabinet doors can make the difference between a fast sale and stagnant bidding. Pick a classic, hardware design that modernizes the kitchen. You can even replace the kitchen faucet as a way to bring all of the components together. Buyers will be drawn to these new items while you save money on more expensive upgrades.

backsplashInstall a Stylish Backsplash

It’s not necessary to paint the entire kitchen when you can add a backsplash as an alternative. Look for subway glass or basic ceramic tiles for your kitchen’s decor. These tiles can be quickly attached to the wall with adhesive. Add them just as a backsplash, or decide on a more bold concept by lining the tiles all the way up to the ceiling. Visitors will never know if an old paint job is behind those beautiful tiles.

Upgrade the Flooring

The kitchen floor probably has a lot of scuff marks from years of use. Although you can scrub the floor clean, try to add an inexpensive flooring option. It’s possible to overlay old linoleum with today’s modern products, for example. If the kitchen is small enough, the project will only take about a day. The room will look instantly better with a fresh floor beneath your feet.

Consider New Countertops

Older countertops can really date a kitchen. If you’re willing to pay for the remodeling cost, consider new countertops. Adding granite or another stone material is the best choice for the highest return. Most countertops need to be customized to the space, however, so you’ll have to anticipate both material and labor costs. Once it’s installed, you can add new countertops to the home’s features list. This fact alone will usually bring in buyers by the droves.

Look Upward

kitchen-ceilingDon’t discount the value of the kitchen ceiling. You might want to update that fluorescent lighting while carving out an area to hang glasses or pots. Sketch out an idea to scale before you remove any fixtures, however. You’ll still need to conserve headroom for comfortable kitchen movement. If your idea works out on a dimensional scale, you can remodel the space relatively quickly.

Simplicity is always the key with an inexpensive, remodeling project. Performing complex tasks will only cost more money in the long run while extending the project’s timeline. Only commit to simple upgrades that will please the eye while saving your checking account from significant harm.