Renovating Your Bathroom to Increase Its Usable Space

Remodeling your bathroom to maximize all usable space is wise investment for any homeowner. There is no need to make additions to your home when you can expound on the space you currently have. Imagine what your bathroom will look like if you make needed changes to the space to make it look larger.


#1: Change The Floors

You may not think that changing the floors will make the room look bigger, but you must clear the room to change the floors. Changing the floors as part of your overall plan to remodel the bathroom requires you to see the room as it was when the home was built. You can see the potential in the room, and your contractor can offer you suggestions that are much more pointed. A tile floor in the bathroom is much safer, and the floor is far easier to clean than carpet or hardwood.

#2: Change The Cabinets

The cabinets in the bathroom must be changed to suit the room. Many builders put in generic cabinets that do not properly utilize space in the room, and those cabinets must be removed to reveal more potential in the room. Ask your contractor how they would handle this part of the bathroom remodeling project, and show them where you would prefer to have new storage units.

#3: Change The Appliances

Your shower, tub, hot tub, sinks and toilet much be changed while you have the chance. A more reliable toilet is smaller in today’s world, and you may combine your shower with the tub to save space. You may uncover enough space to put in a hot tub, or you might remove the hot tub when it is not doing anything for you. You may choose smaller sinks that take up less space, and you can start to construct storage space around your new appliances.

#4: The Plumbing Fixtures

The plumbing and fixtures in the room often dictate the design of the room, and you may not like how these fixtures change the design of the room. The plumbing fixtures can be changed by your plumber, or the plumber can move pipes around in the room to alleviate congestion. This simple change should be done in conjunction with your floors as you have both Royal Oak MI craftsmen in your house.

#5: Paint

You should ask a designer how to paint the walls to make the room look larger. Paint on the walls can make the room appear larger, and you can avoid problems with paint colors that might cause the room to look smaller. Lean on your designer to make the room much larger than it truly is.

Your bathrooms become valuable optical illusions as you complete your bathroom remodeling project. A home in Royal Oak MI will increase in value the moment you decide to change your bathrooms, and your visitors will be impressed with the change. You are creating more beautiful spaces in your home for your family to enjoy while you create value you may cash in on when you sell the house.

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