Should Updating Your Fixtures Be a Part of Your Home Remodel?

Remodeling Your Home? Don’t Forget to Update Your Fixtures
Home remodeling is a project homeowners look forward to. The end result of the project is a wonderful new look that adds to the value of a home. There’s nothing like a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project to give a home a fresh, new look.

Young Plumber Fixing A Sink In BathroomFor buyers of older homes, there’s great savings in purchasing a home at a lower price and then, remodeling areas of the interior to add conveniences or space. The kitchens and bathrooms in these homes are the first rooms to be remodeled. They are the busiest rooms in the house. In an older home, these rooms endure the most wear and tear on a daily basis. There is one thing that should always be a top consideration of any potential remodeling project: Updating your plumbing fixtures.

Many Reasons to Update Your Fixtures
For homeowners who bought new homes and have lived in them longer than a decade, plumbing fixtures should be inspected annually from the first year of purchase. Often, there are unnoticed changes in water pressure or water quality that can affect fixtures throughout the home. Another reason for regular inspections of plumbing fixtures is to insure that the piping maintains integrity and is leak free. Fixtures in the kitchen and bath to consider when remodeling include:
. Faucets
. Shower heads
. Toilet fixtures
. Laundry room fixtures
. All piping and joints connected to water lines
. Outflow piping to sewer connections

In older homes undergoing remodeling, homeowners usually find their fixtures are outdated in terms of the materials of manufacture. Many older fixtures were made from metals that are subject to corrosion with time and use.

Discuss Replacing Fixtures Before Remodeling Begins
In Clarkston MI, the top bath and kitchen remodelers will create modern styles for these rooms. Discuss replacing fixtures before remodeling begins. Remodelers need to retrofit new fixtures that are part of sinks, ice makers, toilets, tubs and showers.

It’s less costly to update your fixtures than to try to adapt older fixtures to newer parts of tubs, sinks, showers and toilets. The problem with older metal fittings is that they are not always compatible with newer fittings made from PVC. In addition, homeowners in Clarkston MI want the assurance their remodeled kitchen or bath will meet local plumbing codes. For minimal cost, fixtures can be easily and quickly upgraded to provide longer wear. Bath and kitchen remodelers are professional consultants who offer top quality fixtures made from the best manufactured materials. Your bath and kitchen remodelers are also masters of design and can relocate fixtures where required or change out old fixtures that are longer efficient.

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling and Updated Fixtures
When the kitchen and bath remodeling project is complete, homeowners in Clarkston MI take great pride in the knowledge that their updated fixtures perform with the same excellent level of efficiency they expected. A thorough inspection of a kitchen and bath will determine the fixtures that should be part of home remodeling.

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