Should You Consider Wall-In Appliances for Your Kitchen Remodel?

wall-in appliancesKitchen remodeling requires forethought, planning and follow through when it comes to the layout of a new kitchen design, and the installation of new appliances is one aspect of the design process that is added into the decision making mix.

With the variety of appliance options available today, choosing those that fit a remodeling budget, yet meet homeowner expectations and needs, can be confusing. There are considerations to be made with the style, type, design and usability with new appliances as well as to how they fit in and coordinate with an actual kitchen design.

With the concept of a wide open kitchen and integrated dining space being one of the more popular design blueprints today, homeowners involved in the kitchen remodeling process might want to think about appliance options, such as considering wall-in appliances as opposed to freestanding ones. Obviously there are advantages to wall-in appliances that include:

Wall-in Appliance Benefits

  • blends in seamlessly with cabinets
  • integrates with open kitchen concept and adjoining spaces
  • creates sleek/minimalist appearance
  • increases value of home for future resale or rental
  • provides for easy access with food preparation
  • maintains streamlined, clean and tidy appearance
  • maximizes and utilizes floor space in efficient manner
  • minimizes family “traffic jams”

Kitchen appliance experts realize the benefits of wall-in appliances and want their homeowner customers to understand how they can take advantage of the features that these types of appliances provide and how they can be incorporated in the kitchen of their dreams.

modern kitchenAny homeowner looking for an easy to maintain lifestyle should consider the advantages that wall-in appliances provide in a kitchen. The thought of a dishwasher, refrigerator, stove top, microwave, wall oven, and clothes washer/dryer located and concealed within the same general area is an appealing one, particularly when this type of kitchen layout is easily maintained, worry-free and stylish as well.

Consulting with a kitchen and bath design professional is one of the first steps in the remodeling process, and experts at the helm can provide suggestions for kitchen appliance selections as well as assist with showroom examples of wall-in appliances that are featured in actual cabinet settings. Styles, colors, textures and other features of appliances are also available for viewing. For example, if a Royal Oak MI homeowner is interested in a contemporary or industrial type design, customer representatives can show them examples of the various appliances that fit that mold and how they can look in the ultimate design they choose.

Our Detroit kitchen and bath remodelers will go the extra mile to see that your design, layout and the appropriately matched appliances and cabinetry are made available to customers in the Royal Oak MI area. You can take advantage of the best that Detroit has to offer in kitchen and bath remodeling as well as seriously consider wall-in appliances for the kitchen design that best fits your taste and lifestyle needs. Think of our services as a pathway from design, to installation, to completion-all within your budget.