Should You Install an Island During Your Kitchen Redesign?

When planning a kitchen redesign, there are several things to consider.

  1. Luxury Home Dark Wood KitchenWhat do you like about your present kitchen?
  2. What do you hate about your present kitchen?
  3. How many people work in your kitchen at one time?
  4. How many people hang out in your kitchen at one time?
  5. Do you like to entertain?

All of these questions tie back to the working capabilities of your kitchen. Kitchens and laundry rooms are the odd ducks of the design world because they both need to work. Kitchens endure the added burden of having developed an aesthetic requirement. Not only do they have to work well, but they need to look great doing it.

Most important of all, your kitchen redesign needs to work for you, your work life, your family, and your guests, day in and day out.

Our kitchen designers are ready to help you determine your kitchen layout needs. The question of whether or not to install an island, a peninsula, or a counter-height table really depends on what the members of your household need in terms of functional kitchen spaces.

  1. Do you have multiple people preparing food at one time? Maybe you need an island with a butcher block for chopping, or perhaps you need your cooktop on the island so your countertop real estate can be dedicated to food preparation.
  2. Is your kitchen a favorite place to gather together? It could be time to look at a kitchen island with a bar feature and seating options so guests can stop and visit.
  3. If your household contains children, is your kitchen design ready for whatever that may entail? Investing in your favorite cabinet doors can be pretty disappointing if the finish doesn’t hold up to tricycle impacts. With the help of our designer sin Warren MI, your kitchen design can expand to create good memories and positive experiences for your children.
  4. Do you need some flexibility in the working height of your kitchen? If some of you are tall and some of your aren’t, an island with adjustable feet or castors may be just the investment you need to make sure that everybody has a working space that works for them.
  5. Do you need an island for certain occasions but not for others? You may be in a good position to use a mobile butcher block island or a stainless-steel-topped mobile workspace.

Kitchen design decisions can be a little daunting. Whether you like simple, open shelving and classic lines or high-gloss granite, keeping your focus on the working needs of your kitchen can really help you decide on a design and a layout that will help you settle into a kitchen that works wonderfully for your family and friends, as well as in your space.

Kitchen islands can be great additions to your home whether you’re preparing food or socializing. Designers in Warren MI are excited to help you put together the kitchen of your dreams.

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