Should You Install Hardwood or Tile Floors During Your Kitchen Remodel?

Undertaking a kitchen remodel can dramatically increase both the value and livability of a home. Remodels can keep a kitchen up to date with modern technology, make them more user friendly, and provide a nice face lift. One decision home owners will need to consider when renovating their kitchen, however, is whether to lay down hardwood flooring or tile flooring. Both types of flooring material have their own unique qualities, so choosing the best option for your remodel is important.

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The Pros and Cons of Tile Flooring

Tile can be a great kitchen flooring choice. When properly maintained, tile will look beautiful for years to come and continue to add value to your home over time. Nowadays, radiant heaters under flooring are becoming more common, especially in colder areas, and tile is the best flooring to use above radiant heating system. Likewise, tile is extremely hard, making it very difficult to chip or crack, and, if a tile does crack, a contractor can install a new tile without having to redo the entire floor. Tile is also the most stain and liquid resistant flooring. It is easy to clean up spills and other messes and not worry about if they’re going to stain or seep into the floor and rot or ruin it. Also, tile can be found to meet the needs of almost any remodeling budget, and there are a lot of color and style options, so almost everyone can find something pleasing to their taste.

However, tile floors do not come without their drawbacks. Tile is not easy to DIY; it requires special blades to cut, and once the mortar begins to harden, it isn’t very forgiving. Likely, you’ll need a professional contractor or tile layer to install any tile flooring. Another potential problem is that tile flooring without radiant heating can be cold to walk on. Likewise, it is not the most comfortable choice for standing on for long periods of time – like when cooking dinner. Though tiles are tough, they are not impervious. Heavy objects can break tile, and tile can break your breakable objects or hurt if little ones fall on it. The grout or mortar can also wear away removing tile’s water impervious properties over time. These issues will likely need to be addressed by a professional.

The Pros and Cons of Hardwood Flooring

Another popular kitchen flooring choice is hard wood. Hardwood flooring offers many similar benefits to tile, but it is usually considered to be more classically beautiful. If aesthetics are important to you, hard wood may be a good choice over tile. Likewise, hard wood flooring offers many options in wood choice and stain options to meet many tastes. One great thing about hardwood flooring is that it creates a warmer ambiance than tile. Likewise, it is comfortable to walk on both warmth and hardness wise. Redecorating rooms with wood flooring can be easy because they tend to look good in any color palette. Or, if you want to keep your existing color scheme, wood flooring will likely match well. Hardwood is also durable; well maintained hardwood floors have been known to last centuries, in fact. Hardwood flooring is easy to keep clean and does not stain. Likewise, floors can be sanded and refinished every ten years or so to repair any scratches. After refinishing, hardwood floors look brand new.

Unfortunately, hardwood flooring does come with its own set of problems. Hardwood floors are vulnerable to both moisture and humidity. Spills on hardwood flooring that are ignored can undermine the durability of the floor. It is also important to make sure the substructure of flooring is even and stable because a problem with the substructure will cause hardwood flooring to bend or break later down the road. Hardwood flooring can easily scratch as well, though improved refinishing agents have made this problem better in recent years. Likewise, hardwood flooring can be noisy in high heels or boots, so it may need to be covered with area rugs in high traffic areas of a room. The ultimate drawback to hardwood, though, is the price. While there are different woods and stains, hardwood flooring will generally always be pricier than most other flooring options.

Getting the Job Done Right

Choosing a good remodeling service such as ours in Royal Oak MI is also an important consideration when doing a kitchen remodel. Whether you choose tile or hardwood flooring, having a professional company handle putting in your new kitchen flooring can ensure a great remodel with quality that will last for years.

Those in the Royal Oak MI area are encouraged to reach out to our kitchen and bath remodeling company with all home remodeling needs. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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