Should You Install New Mirrors During Your Bathroom Remodel?


2When you remodel your bathroom, you can create a completely new look and feel for the entire room. The bathroom remodeling process has the potential to completely remake the room, and your mirror is an important part of the decor. If you are in the Livonia MI area and in the middle of a bathroom remodeling project, there are several reasons to consider replacing your bathroom mirror along with the rest of the process.

Your Bathroom Mirror Reflects the Style of Your Entire Bathroom
The bathroom mirror isn’t just a reflective surface that shows off the entire bathroom every time someone looks into it. It’s also one of the largest focal pieces in the room–not to mention the one that will, in many cases, attract more attention than anything else in the room. When you update your bathroom mirror, it ties the overall style of your bathroom together and shows off your style more completely.

Trends Change
During a major remodeling project, you’re attempting to blend current decorating trends in the Livonia MI area with decor that will show off your unique sense of style and taste. Those trends have changed drastically since the last time your bathroom was remodeled. Removing the current mirror and exchanging it for something else will let you show off your style even more completely, keeping up with current trends more effectively.

3Create a Drastic Change in Size
Preferences matter when it comes to bathroom mirrors. Some people prefer large mirrors that reflect the entire bathroom and take up all of the space above the vanity. Others–particularly those who know that they won’t be modeling their outfits in their bathroom–prefer a simpler style with a smaller mirror or a couple of smaller mirrors. If you aren’t happy with the current size of your bathroom mirror, a remodeling project is the perfect time to change it!


Balance the Bathroom
If, during the remodeling process, you’ve chosen to go from a single sink to two or from two or more sinks to a single one, you’ll need to shift your mirror to balance the effect of that change. Typically, bathrooms contain either one large mirror that stretches the full length of the counter top regardless of the number of sinks or smaller mirrors that appear in front of each sink. If you’ve changed the balance of the room, changing up the mirror may be the last step in balancing the room’s decor.

Raging kids - children shouting to each other, isolatedDecrease or Prevent Arguments
If you have two or more children sharing a bathroom, you know how dramatic the arguments can be! “She’s standing in front of the mirror so I can’t see!” “I can’t see my outfit around her pile of stuff!” Adding a bigger mirror to the bathroom or separating the mirrored surface into two smaller areas so that everyone has access at the same time can stop a lot of arguments–not to mention a lot of headaches.

Deciding whether or not to change the mirror in your bathroom is a personal decision that depends on your remodeling goals. The bathroom mirror is a huge focal point within the bathroom, drawing the eye and tying your entire room together. Make sure it reflects the rest of your remodeling plans. If the mirror needs updating, don’t hesitate to take care of it as part of your project.