Should You Purchase New Mirrors During Your Bathroom Remodel?

You’re a homeowner in Livonia MI and you’ve finally decided that you are going to have that bathroom remodel. You’ve made plans for that long dreamed of double vanity with the vessel sinks of blue glass, of the waterfall faucet for the shower, for radiant floors and even heated towel racks. But there’s nothing wrong with your mirrors, except that they’re old. Will they go with the new decor?

Double SinkThe answer is probably “no,” especially if you’ve lived with the old bathroom for a long time. So, it’s time to get rid of the old mirrors and get new ones.

What To Do With the Old Mirrors
The mirror can simply be put out with the rest of the trash, and there’s always a good chance someone will pick it up if it’s in good shape. You can also donate it to an institution that recycles old furniture or hold a yard sale where you sell off everything else. This includes your old sink, your old bathtub and your old mirror. There’s probably someone in the Livonia MI area who’s in the market for your floor and ceiling tiles.

What Sort of Mirror To Get?
The sort of mirror to buy for a bathroom depends on the style and size of the bathroom. The room’s size can determine whether ah homeowner chooses a mirror that stretches across the entire wall over the vanity, a small single mirror, two mirrors side by side and a variety of other combinations.

Other things to consider besides the overall size of the room are who will be using the mirror regularly, the height and width of the sink and the height of the wall.

Ideally, the mirror should be placed so that the tallest member of the household can see their face and the top of their head clearly within it. It should be large enough to balance the space between the top of the sink and the top of the wall.

Any windows in the room need to be taken into account. Ideally, the mirror should be big enough to reflect an entire window without being wider than the vanity.

The style of the mirror is also important. A mirror with an ornate, gold-painted frame might be just the thing in a Victorian or Edwardian bathroom, or a bathroom modeled after a classical French style.

The number of mirror styles that can be placed in a contemporary bathroom during a bathroom remodel is vast. Mirrors can be framed or frameless, with frames made of metal such as copper or brushed nickel or of painted or unpainted wood. Frameless mirrors can look framed by having a border of different textured or different colored glass. Mirrors can be flush with the wall or recessed, and of course many are attached to medicine cabinets. They can be:

• traditional squares
• rectangles
• ovals
• escutcheons

They can be fashioned after portholes on a cruise ship or have frames that resemble slices of wine barrels with aged wood and copper hoops. Some come with magnification, back-lighting or can be tilted to help with personal hygiene. Others resemble windows, with lintels and sills.

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