Should You Replace Your Fixtures During Your Next Bathroom Remodel?


Bathroom remodels are always exciting times of change. However, many questions can arise with regard to how far that change should be taken. Particularly common, the query of fixture replacement is always a central question here. Should I replace my fixtures or keep them? We’ll try to give some insight here that will help you to clarify the answers to this frequently asked remodel question.


Three Main Factors

When it comes to answering this question, the answer can usually be found by taking a look at three of the most common, deciding factors.

– How partial are you to the fixture?

– Is it suitable for incorporation into the new design?

– What condition is the fixture in currently?

Partiality, upcoming design suitability, and fixture condition are the three main areas we recommend considering first in order to answer the main question. Once these factors have been fully considered, the decision whether to keep or remove older fixtures typically comes rather quickly. Apply this three-part consideration to each fixture, and you will soon feel much more at ease about how you would like to proceed with the bathroom.

Unfortunately, we can’t help too much with partiality decisions, but with the incorporation of older fixtures into new designs, we are experts. This help requires a bit more than just a blog post to administer, and we are glad to consult here with anyone who reaches out to us. Here we can offer some additional help on assessing basic fixture condition.

Light Fixtures

Let’s start with light fixtures. There are a number of things to look for in assessing light fixture condition and thus suitability for continued use in the remodel design. The following areas can easily be checked and really clue us in on the light fixture’s overall condition.

– Exterior Finish – Check for fading, rust, discoloration, or other undesirable finish abnormalities.

– Globes, Light Covers – Confirm the condition of the covers by looking for cracks, chips, and even the screws that hold the cover to the fixture.

– Function – Check the function of the fixture for blinking, buzzing sounds, delayed lighting. or other noticeable disparities in operation.

Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures can be checked in a number of similar ways for a basic feel of future suitability in use. Although they don’t tell 100%, visible condition and function can tell quite a bit about the overall condition. Included in the plumbing fixture category are toilets, faucets, sink basins, spas, bidets, and any other fixtures that are hooked up to the home’s water supply system.

Check these fixtures for the following.

– Physical Condition – Take some time to inspect the physical condition of the fixture. Is there a presence of cracks, finish problems, or visibly failing hardware?

– Function – Does the fixture work as you would like it to? Are there lose or failing components or is there even a regularly experienced problem? Also, is there any leakage or moisture where there should be none?

You should certainly enjoy this exciting time of getting ready for that upcoming remodel. However, to be sure you will enjoy the final remodel in the end, consider your older fixtures carefully. Applying these principal considerations to each fixture will ultimately help you greatly in that age-old question: “Should I replace or keep my bathroom fixtures during by bathroom remodel?”.