Should You Replace Your Sink During Your Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your bathroom provides an exciting opportunity to completely change the look of the room and update it. Whether the bathroom is simply aging and needs a facelift or if it has serious structural issues or flaws, remodeling can make this important room more attractive and functional. Based on your bathroom remodeling plan, you will need to decide whether to replace the sink. Here are a few points to keep in mind.

elegant simple bathroom in white and beigeAssess the sink’s condition.

When you examine the bathroom to decide how to renovate it, check the sink to see if it needs to be replaced. Discoloration, cracks, chips, or leaks may be signs that you need a new sink. If the basin is deeply stained or shows signs of other damage, this may be the perfect time to swap it out for a new one. 

On the other hand, if the sink is relatively new, if damage is slight and fixable, or if your budget is tight, you might decide to keep the sink for now and repair it as best you can. 

Coordinate bathroom fixtures. 

You may want to shop for new sinks while planning your bathroom makeover. Chances are you’ll find the perfect model on sale. Homeowners in Royal Oak MI may have specific ideas about what they want and where to find it, which will keep effort and cost to a minimum. 

However, if you decide that a new sink will not fit into your budget right now, you should consider ways of coordinating your current sink with new fixtures and equipment in the remodeled bathroom. For example, if you have a new pink shower kit installed but have a white sink that you want to keep, consider adding pink accents like a soap dish or mirror frame to blend with the new shower kit. That way the old, or current, sink won’t look out of place with the new fixture. 

Buy matching fixtures.

But if you are going to buy the shower, toilet, and sink at the same time, you can either get all three in the same style or decorative pattern and colors, or you can look for similar or coordinating colors and themes that will unify the look of your bathroom. Royal Oak MI homeowners can work with home remodelers to get the best deals on bathroom fixtures so that everything matches or works together to create a streamlined décor. 

Repair a damaged sink.

Keeping an older sink means you should probably consider having it re-glazed or repaired if it has chips or cracks. An aging sink in a remodeled bathroom can look out of place, so you’ll want to think about ways of updating the sink if you choose not to replace it. Damaged cabinetry for the sink should be repaired as well, using paint or varnish for a fresh look.

Bathroom remodeling can make your home feel vibrant again. Work with trustworthy home remodelers to develop an effective plan for updating your bathroom with or without a new sink. 

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