Should You Replace Your Sink During Your Bathroom Remodel?

When homeowners start an extensive bathroom remodeling project, they usually concentrate on fixture replacements. Faucets, drawer hardware and other components become the focus of the project instead of main bathroom pieces. The sink seems to be a permanent addition to the bathroom, but it’s a smart idea to replace it during a remodeling project for several reasons.

Bathroom faucet. Water flow from chromed steel faucet front view

The Design Aspect

A Livonia MI bathroom project should update the space by several years. Homeowners should focus on:

  • Color
  • Style
  • Functionality

In fact, the main goal is to make the entire room appear current. That cannot happen if an old sink is flanked by a brand new granite countertop and stylish faucet. Ideally, homeowners should work with contractors to match a new sink with the rest of the bathroom’s overall design. From modern to old-fashioned, each bathroom has a personality that must shine with a new sink.

A Plumbing Update

Completely redesigning the bathroom usually includes:

  • A new countertop
  • Updated faucets
  • Stylish mirrors

Homeowners must take this opportunity to also pull out the sink and evaluate the plumbing. Contractors should replace any leaking pipes or hoses leading to the sink, for example. Because the entire countertop is pulled off of the vanity, this is the best time to fix the plumbing and replace the sink. If a home is going to be sold soon after this update, brand new plumbing and the sleek sink will only increase a bidding competition.

Labor Charge Consideration

Common contractors’ charges include:

  • Materials
  • Labor
  • Disposal fees

The contractors will already have the countertop removed during a remodeling process, so it’s only natural to replace the sink at the same time. In fact, homeowners could see significant savings on the labor charges alone by combining all of these bathroom renovations into one project. Hiring contractors for multiple projects only increases the labor charges because they must travel to and from the property and remove the same components yet again. In the end, one complete bathroom project with new components makes financial and design sense.

Preventing Future Repair Problems

Every household component ages and wears down over time, including the sink. If homeowners don’t take advantage of a remodeling project and replace the sink, it could break down in the near future. Contractors would have to return to the property and charge more repair costs. It’s even possible for the sink to malfunction and damage the surrounding new installation. Homeowners should look at the bigger picture when they decide to renovate their bathroom.

Whether a bathroom remodeling project resides in New York City or Livonia MI, replacing the sink is almost always a necessity. Contractors can even visualize a new sink for the homeowners by showing them virtual graphics on their electronic devices or with basic samples brought to the home. Just a new sink alone can brighten a bathroom and bring it into the 21st century.

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