Should You Replace Your Tub During Your Bathroom Remodeling Project?

People contemplating significant bathroom remodeling projects sometimes wonder whether or not they should ask their contractor to replace their tub. This highly personal decision usually impacts both the final appearance of the room and the total price.

Worker Caulking Bath Tube And Tiles
Some of the most important considerations that influence a property owner’s decision about this issue include:

The Needs of Household Members

Perhaps the most critical concern involves the needs of the members of the household. Many families require access to a tub. Households with elderly or disabled members often prefer to replace an older model tub with one allowing walk-in access and elevated seating. In some cases, medical conditions of residents benefit from the use of whirlpool baths or other specialized features. However, other households prefer showers, or seek to upgrade a standalone tub to include a shower capacity. Professional remodeling firms accommodate these specifications.

Price Concerns

Price factors sometimes also pose an important consideration influencing the homeowner’s decision about whether to replace an existing bathtub. According to the Home Advisor website, today in the United States, the average price for the installation of a new tub is $2,803, with prices ranging from a low of $225 to a high of $8,003 based on market conditions and other factors.

The type, composition and weight of the bathtubs, the complexity of the individual installation process and the associated materials, transportation, and labor costs may all enter into a final price for replacing a tub. For example, in Livonia MI, a bathroom remodeling company might charge a different amount for replacing a tub than another remodeling company located in a remote region. Often, homeowners discover they can obtain an attractive bathroom renovation at cost-effective, affordable prices.

Style Issues

A homeowner’s desire to significantly change the appearance of a bathroom may also influence the final decision whether or not to replace the tub. For instance, bathtubs typically require more space than showers; yet standalone tubs also usually permit more flexible placement options. Bathroom decor trends change over time and property owners may seek routine upgrades in order to keep pace with current styles. A contractor who performs frequent bathroom renovations might offer helpful suggestions about the most cost-effective way to modernize the appearance of the bathroom.

Special Features

A desire to include heated jets of water or other specific special tub design features (such as claw feet) may also prompt a property owner to ask a remodeling company to install a new tub. In Livonia MI, where winters bring icy, bone-chilling outdoor temperatures, residents often appreciate the ability to soak in a warm jetted tub on cold winter days. Adding luxurious bathroom amenities enhances the value of some residential properties, ultimately contributing to the attractiveness of the real estate.


A frank discussion with your contractor about your household’s decision to keep, upgrade or replace a tub assists the project. Professional remodelers who possess extensive experience refurbishing bathrooms often possess helpful insights which save property owners money and enhance their satisfaction with the renovations.

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