Should You Update Your Bathroom’s Flooring During Your Next Remodel?

Home remodels require making difficult decisions, as limited budgets mean most homeowners can’t upgrade everythiLaying Ceramic Tiles. Troweling adhesive onto a concrete floor in preparation for laying white floor they want. However, some factors can make the decision of what to upgrade a bit easier. Here are a few facts about bathroom remodels and why they should be at the top of your list of rooms to upgrade.

New Technology

As more and more people focus on efficiency, bathrooms fixtures are using less and less water and electricity. Because of this, remodeling a bathroom with older fixtures often means homeowners can save on their electrical and water bills over time. For homeowners with no plans of moving, these efficiency gains can partially offset the cost of the upgrade over time. Furthermore, an upgraded bathroom affects all members of your household, as everyone starts their day in the bathroom. Newer showers and baths can make starting the day a bit more pleasant for the entire family.

Bathroom Remodels Pay Off

Upgrading any part of a home will increase the home’s value, but some rooms are more valuable than others. The top two rooms to consider are kitchens and bathrooms. Of these, bathrooms are typically less expensive to upgrade. Furthermore, kitchen upgrades have a more complex role in terms of increasing a home’s value, as different buyers prioritize different parts of a kitchen. Many buyers also plan to make changes to the kitchen anyway, so investing in convection cooking, for example, might not increase a kitchen’s value in the minds of some buyers. An upgraded bathroom, on the other hand, is likely to please all buyers. From a basic economic point of view, bathroom upgrades are generally most efficient.

Home Protection

Water poses a threat to homes, as water can cause infestations, attract termites and even damage a home’s foundation. Remodeling the bathroom lets homeowners invest in higher-quality components that are less likely to cause water problems in the home, and it makes uncovering difficult-to-notice problems easier. The risk of water damage is more likely to occur in older homes, as small problems can grow over time if left unnoticed. When it comes to passing home inspections, remodeling a bathroom is a great way to prevent and detect potentially expensive problems.

A Cohesive Looknew-bathroom-floor

Guests and visitors often see only a small portion of a home, but many end up seeing the bathroom. Because of this, homeowners only need to renovate a certain number of rooms to present a cohesive look to guests. When remodeling a living space, it’s important to consider whether your existing bathroom design matches with the rest of the home. Visitors are less likely to see a bedroom, study or other part of the home, so prioritizing the bathroom is important for leaving a positive impression.

Home remodels are exciting, but they can also be stressful. Determining where to spend money can be challenging, but experts agree that the bathroom is a great place to start. Unless you’ve recently remodeled your bathroom, it should be at the top of your list of rooms to upgrade when you remodel your home.