Shower Systems Focus on Performance & Accessibility

The below article describes the current design trend most accurately! Showers are no longer about how many jets can be added to the space – but about making that space more user-friendly.
Kurtis Kitchen and Bath

Article Jan 8, 2014

contemporary-showerWhile it wasn’t so very long ago when “super showers” were all the rage, today’s shower systems are sleeker, cleaner and more concerned with ease of use and accessibility than how many jets can be stuffed into one unit. Custom looks are gaining interest, but the hot look remains contemporary and spa-like, with soothing color palettes that reflect the look and feel of nature.

Additionally, water-saving features are more prevalent as technology focuses more on enhancing the water experience without wasting water.

Below are some of the hottest trends in shower systems right now.

  • Today’s showers are taking a “less is more” approach, with consumers seeking features they will actually use rather than numerous luxury, over-the-top features such as an endless numbers of body sprays and technology that’s more about flash than substance.
  • A dedicated showerhead, either wall or ceiling mounted, seems to be the preferred choice, with a diverter to a hand spray also desired, often mounted on an adjustable slide bar for greater accessibility.
  • Easy-care, no-fuss shower spaces are gaining interest with time-pressed consumers who want a clean look that’s equally easy to keep clean. At the same time, sleek, custom designs are also growing in popularity in the shower.
  • While water conservation is making an impact on the shower market, consumers don’t want to give up performance. For that reason, manufacturers are focused on developing spray technologies that allow for less water usage without sacrificing the feel of a drenching shower experience.