The Benefits of a Basement Bathroom In Your Metro-Detroit Home

Modern industrial design bathroom with nice light ambience


Have you been debating about the best solutions to rid you of your bathroom frustrations? Maybe your home just doesn’t offer an adequate number of restrooms for your growing number of family and friends. Maybe, your main floor bathroom is just too small for your tastes. Are you just simply looking for a quiet place to relax in a tub and get away from the noise and chaos of life, but still realistic to know you’ll never find it in the family bathroom, your bedroom, or any other room in the house? No matter what your bathroom woes may be, finding a solution can often seem frustrating, expensive, or even impossible.

But there is good news in your future! If your home has a basement, the answer to your bathroom curse could be right under your feet (literally!). Adding, or improving, a basement bathroom could provide you the functionality and convenience you desperately need, while saving you the headache and cost of adding square footage to your home or taking away valuable living space from other rooms.

The Benefits of a Basement Bathroom in Your Home

  • Safe and Convenient for Kids– Does your basement serve as a dedicated playroom for your kids? If so, you may have run into the simple problem of little people, steps, and spur-of-the-moment potty breaks from time to time. Having a bathroom downstairs in your basement allows a safer, easier alternative for those bathroom needs. Plus, if you happen to have a basement office or workspace that you use, a bathroom nearby can be extremely convenient for you, too.
  • Added Privacy for HouseguestsDo you frequently have houseguests that stay at your home? Being forced to share your primary bathroom with your friends or family can be stressful and terribly inconvenient. (Bathrooms can be a pain to clean, and nobody wants their guests seeing all the missed corners, soap scum rings that won’t come off, and nasty grout that never gets cleaned!?) If you have space in your basement where guests typically stay when visiting having a private bathroom that they can use can ease your stress levels and make them feel at home while in your home.
  • Added Value to Your Home- Regardless of whether or not you plan to sell your home, adding a modern, updated bathroom to you basement can increase the value of your home in more ways than one. One of the main reasons that many people want to move is because their existing house is just “too small” for their changing lifestyle needs. Having a bathroom space that you love, even if it’s in the basement, might be just the thing to make you fall in love with your house all over again. Plus, if you do want to sell your home at some point, having an additional restroom downstairs -especially if it’s part of a finished basement- can increase the market value of your home.
  • Turn Your Basement into a Viable Living Space- No matter what you use your basement for, updating an existing downstairs bathroom, or adding one if possible, could be just the motivation you need to transform the rest of your basement from a dark and dingy place into a highly functional and inviting living space.

Just remember that basement bathrooms can become costly projects depending on your existing floor for a toilet, sink, bath or shower, updating or adding a bathroom can be a rather simple process. But, if that plumbing is not already in place, adding it can become expensive and complicated. It’s always best to have professional plumbers and bathroom designers work together to create a beautiful space that actually works properly.

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