The Benefits of Adding a Mudroom to Your Home

Living here in southeast Michigan, when the seasons arrive, we usually experience them to the max. Rainfalls come in downpours; snowfalls are more like blizzards; and the leaves dropping is a weather condition in itself. And what happens outside is bound to make it inside our homes 365 days a year. So, what’s the solution to keeping your home looking spic-n-span when nature repeatedly invades your living space? The answer is fairly simple: a hardworking mudroom.

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Whether or not you think it’s realistic, including a mudroom of sorts can help simplify your life and help ensure that your cleaning efforts are not in vain. Even if you don’t think you have room for a mudroom, you might be surprised at the options that are available for your home. All it takes is a creative eye and some careful planning and design.

Here are three reasons to consider adding a mudroom to your busy home.

  1. Cleanliness- Ever get tired of vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping up those dirty footprints all over your house, only to see them reappear five minutes later? A dedicated mudroom can act as a buffer zone where tennis shoes, rain and snow boots, and other outerwear can be housed before making their way across your travertine tile floors and white carpets. Having one spot to collect the majority of your dirt will limit your cleaning time and allow you to make the most out of the rest of your home.
  2. Organization- Is your home feeling overrun by shoes, coats, athletic bags, outdoor play equipment and backpacks? What you need is a little organization, and incorporating a mudroom can bring you some big bang for your buck. A mudroom can allow you to dedicate a specific place for each member of your household to place their things as soon as they walk through the door. And, with strategically placed cubbies, coat hooks, baskets or drawers, you can find a place for everything and get that clutter off your floors, kitchen tables and chairs.
  3. Optimal Storage Space– Many mudrooms can be designed to allow for additional storage space for many of those seasonal items that only see use a few months out of the year. Try incorporating bench seating with storage underneath for beach towels, raingear, or snow boots. Matching bins can house sports equipment, shoes, or other items. By customizing your personal mudroom, you can even dedicate space to store hats, scarves and mittens until you’re ready for them in the winter. A traditional coat rack offers a convenient place to hang your coats, but lacks the additional benefits of storage for those non-traditional items.

There are many different ways that you can add a mudroom to your home. Even if your space is limited, a strategically placed bench seat or organizational storage shelf can go a long way in added functionality and beauty to your organizational efforts. And, if space allows, consider the benefits of a full-scale mudroom storage system to add some extra value to your home.

Need help envisioning what your home could look like with a new mudroom? The experts at Kurtis Kitchen and Bath Centers can help you find the perfect mudroom solution for your storage woes. Just call 1-888-KURTIS-1 today to schedule a no-obligation consultation to discover the many possibilities that await.