The Benefits of Replacing Your Kitchen’s Countertops

bigstock-backsplash-tiles-akhjgfdghnd-quartz-co-86309126From a new look to new materials, choosing new kitchen countertops provides a wide range of benefits. A few of those benefits are listed below.

1) If you are planning to sell your home, consider that your kitchen is one of the main areas that influences a buyer’s decision. According to, in 2014, a major kitchen remodel added almost $70,000 to the resale value of a home, and homeowners recouped 63.6 percent of their investment. Even just a minor kitchen remodel, such as replacing countertops, added almost $16,000 to the resale value of the home, but homeowners recouped a much larger percentage of the investment, 82.7 percent.

2) When you purchased your home, you may have compromised on some features, like the kitchen countertops, because you loved other features, like the location or the large, fenced in backyard, so much. You do not have to continue the compromise forever, however. You can take advantage of a sale or the home equity you have built to replace your existing countertops with ones you actually love, taking a step toward turning your compromise home into your dream home.

3) If you have owned your home for a while, it’s very likely that kitchen styles and preferences in kitchen countertop materials have changed. Updating your kitchen with new countertops freshens the look your home. In addition, updating your kitchen before you’re even remotely considering selling gives you and your family time to enjoy your new kitchen, and an update done now is likely to cost much less than one done in the future.

4) Interior design styles invariably change, but your tastes and preferences can change as well. If your kitchen countertops no longer fit the look of your home decor, pull your home’s look together again by using your home equity to replace those outdated countertops.

5) Most kitchen countertop materials have weaknesses. Some become pitted or chip or crack. Some stain easily. Some show scorch or knife marks. Some have seams that allow water to seep through. Consumer Reports summarizes the pros and cons obtained from tests of 14 countertop materials. When countertops become worn or damaged, it’s time to replace them.

6) You may find that the kitchen countertops that came with your home require more maintenance than you have the time to provide or maintenance may be too expensive. Switching to easy-care countertops reduces stress and leaves you more time for your family.

7) On the other hand, you may have easy-care countertops, but you now may have the time and resources to care for the kitchen countertops you would prefer. Again, take advantage of your home equity or a sale to install the countertops that you really want.

8) Your kitchen countertops may be too matchy-matchy, so accent your kitchen island with a contrasting countertop or one that adds more pattern or color.

The benefits of replacing your kitchen countertops range from the practical to the aesthetic but each benefit offers a good reason for a change.


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