The Pros and Cons of Not Including a Tub in Your Bathroom Remodel

Planning a bathroom remodel in the Livonia MI area? Trying to make hard decisions? Currently, one of the biggest bathroom remodel decisions homeowners are making involves the bathtub. Should the tub stay or go? Really, there is no perfect answer. This trending topic tends to a debate amongst realtors, designers, and homeowners. In the past, tubs were considered an essential part of a master bathroom and professionals in the housing market would never suggest designing a bathroom without them. However, within the past few years, there has been a shift in bathroom design. More and more homes are being built and remolded without a master tub. There are definitely pros and cons to throwing out the tub.

Cozy Bathroom In Luxury House

Pros of Removing the Tub

1. Unused
Bathtubs go unused for various reasons. Many people simply do not have time to soak in a bubble bath. Other people are disgusted at the idea of soaking in their dead skin cells. Whatever the reason may be, bathtubs are being used far less and are therefore, not as important to homeowners.

2. Space
Tubs take up a tremendous amount of space, and throwing them out can allow for other features. Popular features include his and her sinks, hidden toilets, extra closet space, and especially, larger showers.

3. Luxurious Showers
Most of the time, the extra space in a remodel will be donated to a large, luxurious shower. With larger showers, homeowners can now install extra shower heads including: overhead shower heads, wall-mounted, hand-held, rain bars, and body sprays. Larger showers will typically include built-in seating to benefit those who want to relax, shave, or need physical assistance. There are door-less designs to allow for simple cleaning and fewer moving parts to break. Showers can also be designed without a threshold, making for a contemporary look and easier entrance.

4. Less to Clean
Throwing out that tub will mean one less item to clean in the bathroom. Tubs are generally not the quickest and easiest items to clean.

Pros of Keeping the Tub

1. Some People Expect Them
While some homeowners claim to never use their tub, there are others who would not consider buying a house without one. Often elderly people find them more convenient to use. Certainly families with young children will need at least one tub in their house. Some adults find time and enjoy a relaxing soak in a bubble bath that is surrounded by candles. If the master contains the only bathtub in the house, it is best to keep it around.

2. Aesthetics
Designers will typically use a bathtub as the focal point when designing a bathroom. Often surrounded by a large window, extra lighting, curtains, or stairs, bathtubs can create a highly aesthetically pleasing space.

3.Bath Features
Bathtubs can have some exciting features that appeal to homeowners. Many people enjoy whirlpools, jetted tubs, heated tubs, and walk-in tubs.

4. Resale
Real estate agents debate on how much a tub can affect resale value. Generally, agents seem to think it is safer to keep the tub, just in case. Having a tub will not turn away buyers. Not having a tub could possibly turn some buyers away.

While working on a bathroom remodel, and comparing the pros and cons of having a bathtub, the people of Livonia MI are doing what is best for their own unique situations. The decision to toss the tub will vary depending on the size of the bathroom, and the needs of the homeowners. It is best to closely evaluate each individual situation and make the decision based on current needs.

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