The Pros and Cons of Replacing Your Tub With a Shower

One of the most difficult decisions when bathroom remodeling will be the design for the tub or shower. As more shower design options are becoming available, a greater number of homeowners are choosing to remove tubs entirely in order to replace them with a shower stall. For those who rarely use their tub, it can seem like a wasted space in the bathroom. However, before making this decision, it is a good idea to consider the pros and cons of removing a bathtub.

extravagant bathroom with fireplace, glass shower and whirlpool

The Pros of Shower-Only Designs

They may use less floor space. This is not always guaranteed, as some custom designed showers are larger than many bathtubs today. If space has been an issue in the bathroom, a compact shower stall could be the best answer.

Easier to get in and out. Tubs are slipping hazards that lead to numerous ER visits every year. Although it is still possible to fall in a shower, but it is less risky than stepping over the side of a wet, slippery tub.

Showers are very much in demand. Custom showers are one of the most requested remodeling projects in Livonia MI, as well as across the rest of the U.S. today. Built-in seats, rain shower heads and all of the beautiful tiles available can turn any shower into a spa paradise.

Showers use less water. The average shower uses less water than filling the bathtub. This may not be an issue in homes where the tub has just been acting as a base for the shower anyways, but homeowners who have been using only a freestanding tub will be able to greatly reduce their water consumption with a shower.

Shower prices can be very affordable. When comparing tubs and showers of equal quality, the showers will typically be more affordable.


The Cons of Shower-Only Designs

When selling the home, it may reduce the number of interested buyers. Some people just prefer to have tubs available in every bathroom in the home. This is especially true when the buyer is someone with young children.

It may reduce the resale value. This is generally only true if the tub being removed is in the main bathroom of the home or in the only bathroom. In houses where there is a master bath, removing a tub to replace it with a shower will rarely reduce the value. If well-designed it may even increase the value.

It may mean extra remodeling. A luxurious shower can take up more room than a bath/shower combo. This could mean having to change the entire layout of the room to make it fit or look appropriate. If the homeowner is attempting to stay under a certain budget with their bathroom remodeling, this is an important consideration.

Most importantly, a home should have in it what makes the people who live there happiest. If a tub is not being used, and the owner has been dreaming of a roomy, steamy new shower, then that is the best decision to make. Since showers can be found in Livonia MI to fit into nearly any space and any budget, there is a perfect model or design for everyone.


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