The Pros of Replacing Your Tub During Your Next Bathroom Remodel

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, many property owners overlook the many potential benefits that replacing or upgrading their bathtub may offer. The added cost and effort needed to replace a tub that may not match new surroundings is often well worth it. Older tubs may be at greater risk of cracking or developing leaks, while newer models can provided greater comfort or the chance to benefit from a range of advanced features. Livonia MI home and property owners undertaking a remodeling project would be wise to consider the many benefits that a new tub can provides.

Cozy Bathroom In Luxury House

A New Tub Will Improve the Decor

Leaving an older bathtub in place during a remodel or renovation can create a real eyesore. Tubs that clash with new tile patterns, color schemes and fixtures may find property owners less than satisfied with the results of their bathroom renovation. Homeowners who choose not to replace their existing bathtub in an effort to keep remodeling costs as low as possible may be far less likely to enjoy the quality of results that only the most successful renovation projects are able to offer.

Tubs Last 10 to 15 Years

Replacing an older tub during a renovation can spare homeowners the added costs and inconvenience caused by maintenance issues. Quality bathtubs can last a decade or more, but those that have seen too many years can create no end of problem. Tubs that may develop cracks or leaks in the near future may pose a risk to drywall and other construction materials. Mold and mildew infestations caused by a leaking bathtub can likewise require considerable expense to address. Replacing a tub during bathroom remodeling projects offers a more convenient opportunity to eliminate many of the potential maintenance issues caused by older tubs.

Larger Tubs Offer Greater Comfort

Upgrading an older bathtub can provide superior comfort or the means to better utilize the existing space. The best installations may provide a number of benefits that can include:

  • Increased space and volume
  • Water jets and other advanced features
  • Corner-tubs and recessed installations that optimize bathroom space

Making due with an existing tub may leave Livonia MI property owners unable to enjoy the comfort and spacious layout that a remodeling project may create. The relatively small cost of replacing a tub that owners may be less than satisfied with can offer a superior return of investment.

Professional Installation and Remodeling Options

For many property owners, the installation efforts and work involved in replacing an existing tub can pose a real obstacle. Professional installation offers a more convenient option for those who lack the tools and experience needed to ensure superior results. Working with the best remodeling service in Livonia MI ensures that property owners can make use of an expanded range of options and choices during their bathroom remodeling project. The assistance, services and solutions that only an experienced professional can provide ensures that homeowners will be able to more easily create the perfect bathroom.

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