Three Easy-to-Clean Options for Your Bathroom Floor

Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is the one area in a Livonia MI house that is routinely put to hard use. It’s not only subject to the germs and bacteria found everywhere else in the house, but its high humidity that’s often combined with heat makes it an ideal place for bacteria to grow. Because of this, easy-to-clean bathroom flooring is a must. Here are three options:
Black And White BathroomCeramic and Porcelain Tiles
This type of bathroom flooring is a standby for a reason. These tiles are made from clay fired at great temperatures, and so they are non-porous and very tough. This is especially true of porcelain. Their lack of porosity makes them singularly easy to clean as well as water-proof. They also come in an assortment of colors, patterns and textures that match the bathroom’s decor perfectly. Textured tiles should be chosen over ones that are slick for safety reasons, and the homeowner should make sure that the tiles are to be used for flooring as opposed to walls.Another caveat about ceramic and porcelain tile floors is that if there is grout between the tiles it does need to be sealed. Grout also needs to be thoroughly rinsed after the floor is mopped so that any residual floor cleaner doesn’t remain and attract dirt. Some homeowners also find ceramic tiles a bit hard on bare feet, and they can be cold in the mornings. This can be alleviated by the judicious placement of area rugs, which also enhance the bathroom’s overall look.

Linoleum, made from natural materials such as wood flour and linseed oil, also comes in beautiful colors and textures. The good thing about colors in linoleum is that they are actually embedded in the linoleum as opposed to being printed on the surface, so they don’t fade. Linoleum resists dirt and bacteria, but it needs to be sealed every year or so with a product specially made for linoleum to ensure its durability and beauty.

Vinyl might be the most easy to clean of all bathroom flooring. Spills and splashes simply wipe up without leaving a residue. Smooth vinyl is especially easy to clean. Vinyl also comes in a parade of colors and feels comfortable beneath bare feet. Best of all, it is less expensive than just about every other type of flooring. It comes in tiles that are fairly easy for a diligent Livonia MI do-it-yourselfer to install, or sheets that are best left to a professional. The sheets come in different grades and are priced accordingly, and they can also be cushioned with a foam layer. The colors of a vinyl floor may grow dull after some years, but if the floor is no-wax, the colors can be perked up with a special vinyl polish.

Harsh cleansers should be avoided on all of these floors, and the pH should be neutral or a little bit alkaline. Ideally, they should be vacuumed once a week before they are mopped, but touch=ups can be done with a broom.

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