Tips For Choosing a Wall Color During a Kitchen Remodel

There are many aspects to consider when planning for a kitchen renovation. Some of them will take front seat over others (such as cabinet choices, appliance options, and flooring choices), while others are primarily matters of aesthetic preference (like light fixture designs, backsplash choices, or other similar details). They are each important and must be given adequate consideration during the planning period, but some details just can’t be changed as easily as others.


In the midst of all of these decisions, there’s one more choice that could make or break your final renovation project: your kitchen walls’ color. Your final selection could either be the spectacular background to a work or art, or it could ruin the effect that a brand new, custom kitchen should have whenever you walk into the room.

So, if you’re having some trouble trying to decide what to put on your kitchen walls, here are five easy tips to consider that can help you along the way.

  1. Choose the color(s) that you really do like. Don’t settle on a color that’s just okay simply because of cost, time, or convenience. If you’re doing a top to bottom renovation of your kitchen, you’re most likely looking to make changes to last for many years to come. Pick the color scheme that’ll make you feel the most comfortable an at home in your kitchen. If you think that you’ll want to change the color again in the next year or two, save yourself the hassle and just do it now while the timing is perfect.
  2. Consider the other colors of your kitchen. Whether you realize it or not, your kitchen has other colors besides those on your walls. When you’re deciding what color palate to put on your walls, don’t forget about the other colors throughout the space. Your backsplash, countertops, large and small appliances, and cabinets all have their own colorful palates. Although those things can be changed out, the dollar signs can really add up. From the onset, think about your wall colors as part of an overall color scheme where all elements complement each other.
  3. Don’t forget to account for lighting. When selecting a wall color, it’s important to remember that different colors will appear differently at different times of day, and under various lights. Natural light and artificial light will have different effects on how your wall color appears.  Select your color shades as you consider your lighting options, kitchen layout, and preferred window covering options.
  4. Solids, Patterns, and Textures Galore. As you renovate your kitchen, deciding what your walls should look like can be tricky. Paint is always a simple, classic option with endless possibilities. But, don’t be afraid to turn one wall, or portion of it, into a statement area that only accentuates the beauty of your new kitchen. Explore fabric or wallpaper options, consider tile on the walls (especially if you have an extremely modern kitchen design), or even beautiful wainscot or stone options. The point is…you’re going to have an incredible kitchen when everything is done. Be sure that whatever you choose for your walls properly showcases the rest of the room.

And finally:

  1. Be flexible throughout the process. Remember that kitchen renovations can have ups and downs and many unexpected turns along the way. You may find that you need to choose a different slab of granite or slate for your countertop than you originally planned. Or, you may decide that you’d prefer a new stain option for your cabinets halfway through the project. Stay calm and remember that color adjustments are usually easy fixes. Don’t settle for something you don’t love, just to avoid added stress. But, it is important to still be willing to be flexible with your walls’ color palate and design in the off chance some of the other details of your kitchen design plan might change. If you are, in the end, you’ll have a room you love spending time in day after day.

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