Tips For Choosing the Right Kitchen Countertops

Everyday, life is filled with many difficult decisions that have to be made. Some can seem rather meaningless, like choosing what you’re going to wear to the office that day, while others tend to bear a little more weight, like deciding whether or not to quit your job. Typically, you’ll ask yourself some standard questions to reach a satisfying conclusion each time.

When it comes to a kitchen renovation, the process is actually very similar. One decision that seems to cause the most headaches for people is the process of selecting the perfect kitchen countertop. Fortunately, choosing the right kitchen countertop doesn’t have to be as arduous as people make it. When you take the time to plan in advance and consider a few specific points, you can usually narrow down your options to the perfect countertop choice rather easily and still avoid pulling your hair out in the process.

Modern Kitchen Interior

• What is your budget? This has got to be your first place to start whenever trying to decide on a countertop style. Some options, such as laminate, are simply less expensive than others, like quartz. Be realistic. Don’t set your hopes too high, or too low, on an option that doesn’t match your finances. If you’re planning a kitchen renovation on a limited budget, it’s important to find high quality countertop options that you can actually afford. Likewise, if the sky’s the limit on your project, then you may want to look at higher-end stone options that reflect the style and aesthetic look of your entire kitchen.

• What will work with your current cabinets? This question is only important if you’re planning on keeping your existing cabinets, while only replacing your countertops. You need to take the materials, colors, design, and style of your cabinets in mind when considering a coordinating countertop. You may like a particular stone option that simply won’t work in the existing space. Fortunately, a kitchen design expert can help you find and alternative option that will work better for your needs.

• What will you use the countertop for? If you live in a house filled with young kids, you may not want to install a white granite countertop that could be easily stained from Kool-Aid, jelly, or finger-paints. Similarly, some countertop options can be easily damaged by water, heat, or knives. It’s important to choose a color and material that will function well for your lifestyle and cooking needs.

• What is the aesthetic look that you’re hoping to achieve? Think about your home as a whole, and the overall look of your kitchen. Countertops, cabinets, and other kitchen features all have their own unique look and feel that they provide. Are you looking for a countertop option that is expensive looking? Contemporary or modern? Non-traditional? Are you looking for a country farmhouse feel? The overall look that you’re going for will affect whether you choose a stone, laminate, wood, Corian solid surface, or non-traditional material like concrete or metal for your countertop.

• What kind of care or maintenance does each countertop require? Did you know that not all countertop materials require the same degree of maintenance? Sometimes, the most beautiful and expensive options require the most time and care to stay that way. How much do you enjoy cleaning and home maintenance? Stone countertop options like quartz or granite must be periodically sealed to prevent bacteria from contaminating and ruining the surface. Butcher-block countertops must be sanded to remove scratches and knife marks and oiled to prevent water damage. If you don’t mind a little bit of work, then you have a variety of material options to choose from. But, if you know you won’t remember to put the added time and care into maintaining your countertop, then a stylish laminate option might be the way to go.

There is virtually an endless sea of choices available to choose from for your new kitchen countertops. By asking yourself these questions from the start, you can narrow down those choices to a few specific ones to consider. Then you can visit a professional showroom to see samples in person and talk to a kitchen design expert to get started.

At Kurtis Kitchen and Bath Centers, we have five convenient showrooms located around metro-Detroit to give you an up-close and personal view of a wide range of countertop options. From the start, our kitchen design pros can help you choose the the perfect countertop material to complement the rest of your kitchen and home. Just call 1-888-KURTIS-1 today to schedule your free, no obligation appointment to get started.


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