Tips to Make an 8’x5’ Bathroom Look Bigger and Better

Watching those home improvement shows and browsing the dozens of blogs that you follow is the perfect way to get ideas for that new bathroom update that you’ve been dreaming of. However, the excitement of endless upgrades and possibilities is often deflated by the reality that your tiny little 8’x5’ bathroom is just too small to look that beautiful.

elegant simple bathroom in white and beige

If you’ve ever felt that way, you’re not alone. Believe it or not, across the country, the standard 8’x5’ bathroom is actually the most common bathroom in most homes and apartments. This space provides just enough room for the basics: a sink, toilet, and bathtub (and a small trashcan, of course!). Even though the space is small, don’t feel like your updated bathroom can’t make a great big statement in your home.

Here are a few tips to help you get started with your small bathroom’s grand transformation.

  • Expand inward: Find added space in your tiny bathroom by incorporating recessed storage within your walls.  A licensed contractor or bathroom design specialist can help you identify specific places within your bathroom’s walls that could creatively house a vanity or cabinet. By installing a storage cabinet inside of the walls, rather than mounting one to the surface, you’ll add to the illusion of usable space in your bathroom.
  • Choose the right color palate: Selecting the right color scheme for your 8’x5’ bathroom is crucial to making it seem as large as possible. Light colors, such as pale grey or neutral beige, or even white, are a common go-to for small spaces, but don’t be afraid to opt for a bolder color scheme. Your perfect color palate for your small bathroom will reflect your sense of style and design of your home, and will ultimately make a maximum impact in the space.
  • Add natural light: Many 8’x5’ bathrooms don’t provide any natural light. These rooms are often designed with just the basics: a tub/shower, toilet, and sink. By installing a window or skylight in your bathroom, you can help your space appear larger and less enclosed as it merges with the outside world.
  • Eliminate unnecessary fixtures: The above list of small bathroom inclusions may seem barebones already, but believe it or not, minimizing your fixtures even more is possible. You probably have a standard tub/shower combo in your current bathroom. Consider eliminating the tub altogether and replacing it with just a shower instead. And pull out that dated, bulky vanity under your sink and opt for a pedestal sink instead. A wall-mounted toilet is another great option to make your space appear bigger than it is. Basically, by eliminating the heaviness of your bathroom, you can help to add new life and vibrancy to a previously weighted-down space.
  • Strategically placed glass will trick your eye: Glass creates the illusion of greater depth in a space that is normally very shallow, and can do wonders for your bathroom. This tip especially helpful if you continue a tile pattern from the floor all the way back into your shower stall. The continuity of tile throughout the bathroom helps to create the look of one singular, elongated room. The frameless glass shower door (or even bathtub enclosure) provides the functionality you need by still allowing your eye to see the newly created depth of the room; a trick that a traditional shower curtain or frosted door can’t match.
  • Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors: No, this doesn’t mean floor-to-ceiling mirrors in your bathroom. But, it does mean that the right mirror can make a huge statement by providing a tremendous amount and function and beauty in your bathroom. Mirrors help to add light to an otherwise dark room, can replace artwork or other décor that simply gathers dust, and can create the illusion of more space in your bathroom. This multi-purpose piece can truly be worth the investment.

Need help transforming your small bathroom into the modern, beautiful space you’ve been dreaming of? The experts at Kurtis Kitchen and Bath Centers are here to help. Our bathroom design specialists can help you explore the endless possibilities for space and help you discover the perfect solutions to meet your wants and needs. Just contact us today at 1-888-KURTIS-1 to get started.