Tips to Make Your Everyday Kitchen Look Just Like the Magazines

How many times have you watched of one those home improvement shows on T.V. or thumbed through the pages of a magazine, enviously staring at the beautiful kitchens that you could only dream of owning. High-end cabinetry lines the walls; shiny new appliances are available that a professional chef would love; and the bright, airy color-palate seems to add more light to the kitchen than the sun itself.

traddark5Then, you walk into your own kitchen and reality sits in. Dirty dishes overflow from the sink, crayon markings cover your cabinets and walls, and your outdated countertops scream, “Welcome to the 1980’s!” There is a wide gap between the kitchen of your dreams and the kitchen that you have. So, just how are you supposed to get your kitchen to look like the stunning masterpieces showcased in those magazines when your current space is the furthest thing from “stunning”?

Don’t worry. Even the worst kitchens are filled with potential! You can work with the space you have to transform your kitchen into a space worthy of a photo op.

5 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Look Like the Magazines

  1. Get Inspired. The first thing you need to do is figure out what it is you like about those kitchens, and what it is that your kitchen is missing. Go online to home improvement sites. Check out Pinterest and other DIY sites. Go visit a kitchen renovation showroom for ideas. Make a list to determine what features your kitchen already has and what changes should be made. Find a design that fits your style and budget, and then start making steps to begin the transformation.
  2. Declutter and Define Your Kitchen Space. Too many times, kitchens become a multi-purpose room, rather than remaining a dedicated cooking and eating space. Find ways to get your home office off of your table or remove the children’s toys from middle of the kitchen floor. Clutter can easily become the primary culprit in a messy kitchen. Keep your kitchen the kitchen but getting rid of the things that don’t belong there. You’ll find that you have more storage and counter space than you realize once you move out everything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen.
  3. Think Organization. Whether you need to upgrade your cabinetry or simply add organizational features to the ones you have, one important step toward creating a magazine-worthy kitchen space is to clear off your counters can create a clean, simple look. Find space to store those appliances not used on a daily basis (like a toaster, blender, or food processor) so that your counters remain clear. Do you have wasted cabinet space that could be utilized more efficiently? Getting organized is a simple way to increase the beauty and function of your kitchen.
  4. Choose Your Appliances Carefully. If you’re upgrading your appliances, think about which items are most important for your kitchen space and which ones you can do without. If you don’t need a wine cooler in your kitchen, don’t try to squeeze one in just because it looks trendy. If you don’t need a dishwasher because you don’t mind hand washing, don’t feel pressured to incorporate one into the design. You can still get a sleek and modern look in your kitchen by adding mid-range models of stainless steel appliances. You don’t need to have the best-of-the-best in order to get high-end results. Look up reviews and pick models that real people suggest.
  5. Incorporate color. You can strategically choose a color palate that will express your personal style, along with the overall design of your home. Consider changing the color of your cabinets –whether you refinish the existing cabinets or replace them altogether- the backsplash design, the countertops, the flooring, or the walls. Bold pops of color strategically placed throughout your kitchen can give your unique space that fresh new look that the showrooms have captured in a generic scene.

And remember, those kitchens that you’ve had your eye on in those magazine pictures or DIY shows are professionally designed and staged for just that moment. They are designed to capture an ideal, but are not lived in day-in and day-out. You can easily make some realistic updates to your kitchen to make it look like a top-dollar kitchen design perfect for the magazines, but then you must continue to live there after the photos are taken. But, with the right renovations and changes, you can finally put your beautifully clean dishes away in a modern kitchen space you can be proud of and sit down with your family for a meal at a table that was once home only to a computer and stacks of papers.

A newly designed kitchen space is just a phone call away. Call Kurtis Kitchen and Bath Centers today at 1-888-KURTIS-1 and start planning for a brand new, uniquely designed kitchen that is worthy of every magazine photo shoot.