Transform Your Home’s Single Bathroom Into a High-Functioning Space

Anyone who lives with another person, or has kids, understands how awful it can be only having a single bathroom in the home. Fighting over bathroom time, constant interruptions during a shower, and little ones who have a short-lived potty dance certainly add to the daily stresses caused by only having one bathroom. Then, when you add any houseguests into the equation, the war over the bathroom can seem like a losing battle.

Fortunately, with the right outlook, you may just find that only having one bathroom doesn’t have to be quite so bad. Are you trying to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle that includes lower housing and utility costs? Commonly, houses with only one bathroom are significantly smaller than those with two or more. Smaller houses reduce water usage, lower electric bills, and cut the costs of other utilities, too. Plus, only having one bathroom to clean and maintain saves you time and money. Enjoy more of life doing what you love, instead of spending time scrubbing extra toilets and battling soap scum, and wiping streaky mirrors in multiple bathrooms.

But, with the right bathroom upgrade, and a little TLC, you can utilize your bathroom to it’s fullest potential and eliminate, or minimize, some of those bathroom woes.

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5 Ways to Get the Most Use of Your Only Bathroom

1. Make Individual Improvements as Necessary. Select the proper sized sink or vanity to accommodate your storage needs, bathroom size, and style. Change out your toilet for a newer, more size appropriate model. Improve your lighting by selecting new fixtures that brighten up your space. Just a few simple upgrades can make a big difference in how you see your bathroom and its functionality for you and your family.

2. Add a Mirror Station or Make-Up Station. Does your bathroom have extra space available to add a separate mirror and/or table for primping? Make-up, styling tools and products, and hygiene products can clutter up a sink, and these activities can often be the cause of bathroom disputes throughout the day. If there isn’t additional space in your bathroom, look for another location to incorporate a make-up station. Doing so can free up key space in your bathroom and eliminate excess clutter.

3. Think Creative Storage. There are so many different ways to creatively store everything you’ll ever need in your bathroom. Many fashionable storage options not only improve the function of your space, but they can also tie together the overall look of your updated bathroom.

4. Consider a Closet Organizing System. Closet organizers are common additions for bedrooms, but can also be utilized in a bathroom linen closet. Linen closets too often get stuffed with towels, shampoo bottles, and blow dryers. Installing an organizing system can help you optimize all of the space that your linen closet has to offer.

5. Tub vs. Shower? Every bathroom only has a specified amount of total space available for use. If you have a bathtub in your room, but never take baths, consider removing the tub fixture and installing a walk-in shower instead. A single shower could open up additional space in your bathroom for other important features. The key question to answer is, “What is it that you need most from your bathroom, and what can be eliminated?”

In the end, if you love your bathroom’s design and functionality, then the inconveniences of only having the one single space can suddenly become much more tolerable. Many of these changes are rather large, but even the smallest changes to your only bathroom can make a huge difference.

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