What Are the Most Cost Effective Home Renovations to Consider?

Unless you are remodeling your Royal Oak MI home out of necessity to repair damage or a defect, you are probably doing it to improve the enjoyment of your home. However, another factor to take into account when doing home renovations is their cost effectiveness. Here are six projects that hold their value well.

Renovation 2


1. Minor kitchen remodel
The kitchen is the showpiece of any house, and it’s one of the most important factors buyers consider when looking for a home. However, you don’t have to do a complete overhaul to get your money’s worth. You might simply replace counter tops and your back splash and install a new sink. If the cabinets and flooring are in good shape in your Royal Oak MI home, you can keep them intact and refinish them if necessary. A minor kitchen remodel will recoup approximately 83 percent of its value when you sell.

2. Bathroom remodel
Updating one or more bathrooms is also a home renovation project that is very cost-effective. Replacing fixtures, lighting and accessories, painting and updating flooring are all good ideas to spruce up your bathroom. Don’t get too ambitious, though. Reconfiguring or moving plumbing can greatly increase your cost and not boost your return. A mid-range bathroom remodel will recoup about 77 percent of your value.

3. Replacing doors and windows
It may not sound very sexy in the realm of home renovations, but there are few projects more cost-effective than replacing windows and doors. Replacing your exterior door is the most cost-effective home improvement there is, recouping about 97 percent of its cost. Replacing windows isn’t far behind, with a 78 percent return on improvement. Additionally, adding new doors and windows can boost the energy efficiency of your Royal Oak MI home and save you money on your annual heating and cooling bills.

4. Adding a bathroom
If you are going to add an additional room to your house, a bathroom is a good idea. An additional half bath adds about 10 percent to your home’s value, while an additional full bath adds about 20 percent. Overall, you will recoup roughly two-thirds of the cost of your bathroom addition.

5. Converting an attic to a bedroom
If your attic has livable space but is sitting unfinished, you could be sitting on a gold mine. Converting an attic space to a bedroom will allow you to recoup about 84 percent of the money you spent on the renovations.

6. Adding a deck
Many people get hung up on improving the interior of their homes, but one of the most cost effective home renovations is actually outside. Adding a wood deck will increase your enjoyment of your back yard while also adding significantly to your home’s value. You will recoup around 87 percent of the money you spend on your deck addition.

Ultimately, what you choose to remodel in your home comes down to preference and need, but it’s always a good idea to keep long-term investment considerations into account.

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