What Type of Fridge Should You install in Your Newly Remodeled Kitchen?

Updating this important room helps infuse vitality into older apartments or houses. Most people appreciate the opportunity to install current appliances, too, when a kitchen re-modeler transforms essential living spaces.


Important Considerations

Several considerations enter into the selection of kitchen appliances. Particularly in the case of refrigerators, homeowners should address several questions right from the outset:

  • How many people will use the refrigerator, i.e. what size do we require?
  • Should we consider a refrigerator with (or without) a freezer?
  • How much space should this item occupy in the kitchen?
  • What colors and styles will fit our decor?
  • What entrance and doorway dimensions must we take into consideration?
  • What contemporary models of refrigerator will work well in our home?

If at all possible, it makes sense to discuss these issues with your remodeling contractor in advance. You may find that refurbishing the kitchen permits the inclusion of some built-in appliances in convenient locations. Additionally, the dimensions of a remodeled kitchen entrance sometimes matter significantly when adding a large refrigerator.

Popular Full Refrigerator Styles

Today, consumers enjoy a remarkable selection of refrigerator models. Full sized standalone units occur in a number of attractive styles. These include several popular designs:

  • Single Door;
  • Double Door;
  • Units Without a Freezer;
  • Refrigerators With a Freezer on the Top;
  • Refrigerators With a Freezer on the Bottom;
  • Four Door Models;
  • Computerized Models.

One of the most important decisions concerns whether to purchase a refrigerator and a freezer separately. Your remodeling contractor may find a way to include space for both appliances during a comprehensive kitchen refurbishment.

Energy Savings

For households with single individuals or couples, mini-refrigerators may offer a cost-effective option. Today, a multitude of lightweight, inexpensive small refrigerators help some families reduce utility bills. One important issue concerns the future use of the property: re-selling a home that includes only a small mini-fridge sometimes proves more difficult, since buyers with larger households usually require full-sized fridges.

Consumers in Woodhaven MI frequently seek ways to conserve utility bills when selecting new refrigerators. One excellent idea involves checking for an Energy Star label before making a purchase. The Energy Star system enables buyers to determine the most energy-efficient models. Choosing one of these fridges typically helps residents enjoys long term utility savings.

Color Options

Manufacturers create kitchen appliances today in a wide array of attractive colors. Sleek stainless steel remains very popular. Depending on the decor of the room, customers may opt for other colors, including white, green, red, black or other shades. Usually, prices increase with the addition of customized features.

Discussing your decorating needs with your re-modeler frequently permits homeowners to obtain excellent bargains. By including the contractor in remodeling decisions, homeowners may gain some creative ideas for updating kitchens attractively.

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