Whether or Not to Install an Island During Your Kitchen Remodel

kitchen with islandMost kitchens in Royal Oak MI and throughout Metro Detroit have an island, so they’re definitely a popular feature. Should your kitchen remodeling project include an island? The answer to that question is found in your replies to a few additional questions.

How Big will the Kitchen Be?

The rule of thumb used in designing kitchens is that an island should have a clearance zone on all sides of it of at least three feet (80 centimeters). This allows room for two people to pass one another and for cabinets, a pantry door and an oven or dishwasher to be opened freely.

Maintaining that zone in your kitchen remodeling design will determine whether an island is an option and how large it can be.

Do You Need Kitchen Workspace?

large kitchen with more space from islandIf you do a lot of food prep, then you’ll make great use of an island. They’re ideal for kneading bread dough or rolling out pastry dough, cutting vegetables and cooling pans of cookies fresh from the oven. If your kitchen work includes these kinds of activities and an island is planned, consider a couple of features that might optimize your enjoyment of it.

  • A prep sink is useful for washing vegetables or cleaning up from handling raw meat.
  • A portion of the island top lowered by four to eight inches can make work such as cutting, stirring and kneading more comfortable.
  • One or more electrical outlets on the island give you the freedom to use a blender, mixer, electric fry pan and other appliances.

Is Your Kitchen a Gathering Spot?

There’s an old proverb that says, “No matter where I serve my guests, they seem to like my kitchen best.” The kitchen is the social hub in many homes, and an island is ideal for this purpose especially when it includes seating.

  • Can you envision gathering around the island chatting with family or friends while everyone munches on Buddy’s pizza?
  • Would the kids do their homework seated at the island, especially if rewarded with those just-baked sweets?
  • Does a relaxed breakfast with your significant someone while catching up on the news sound appealing?

Islands, especially with seating, become places where the time-honored combination of eating and conversation is enjoyed by the entire household.

kitchenDo You Need More Storage or Cooking Space?

Open floor plans often leave just one kitchen wall for cabinets. When you could use more storage space, a well-designed island can provide it. Open shelving, traditional cabinets and drawers are all options. For those who prepare lots of food at one time, incorporating a cooktop, oven or bread warmer into the island maximizes its functionality. The possibilities also include a small refrigerator, beverage cooler, dishwasher, compactor and more.

Designing the Right Island for Your Kitchen

Every kitchen remodeling design should be tailored to the space and how the homeowner wants to use it. An island is an important part of this design. Talk with a remodeling contractor in Royal Oak MI about creating a kitchen with form and function that’s a perfect fit.