Which Bathroom Appliances Should Be Replaced Most Often?

bigstock-modern-bathroom-in65161654-apartment-83671058When you step into your bathroom, many of the basic items inside appear permanent to your space. The tub and shower might be fixed into a bathroom corner while the toilet is permanently attached to the floor and to the pipes within the back wall. Although most of these appliances can stand the test of time, you’ll need to replace certain items on a regular basis. Take a closer look at your bathroom so that you can keep it updated and attractive every day of the year.


Faucet Fixtures

Bathroom shower heads, knobs, and faucets will all come into contact with water throughout the day. These fixtures also include the faucets at your sink. Appliances that move water to your bathroom will need to be replaced very often. They’ll slowly accumulate minerals, which can eat away at the metal. These appliances can actually break down and leak if they aren’t replaced once they reach the end of their lifespans.

Shower Curtain or Doors

You might scrub your shower curtain and doors each week, but water will still break these items down. Minerals and the water itself can eat away at these items, which only makes them look unattractive. In fact, many people opt for shower curtains because they’re much easier to replace than the doors themselves. You’ll also have a chance to update the decor with a new shower curtain.

Toilet Bowl Wax Rings

One bathroom appliance that’s often overlooked is the wax ring. You won’t see this ring because it fits between the floor and the toilet’s base. If the ring slips or cracks, however, you’ll have a toilet leak into your bathroom. Pulling the toilet from the floor, replacing the ring and pressing the toilet back down onto the cushion is the basic replacement process. You’ll have a dry floor with a regularly replaced wax ring.

Wall Heaters

If you have an older home, you might have a wall heater in the bathroom. Although this appliance is convenient on cold days, it can be dangerous for young children. You should remove the heater, and simply replace it with drywall. Alternatively, add a bookcase into the recess leftover by the heater. Today’s heating options are usually limited to overhead fixtures that keep the heat away from young children

Lighting Fixtures

Your bathroom might have a fan fixture that pulls moist air from the area, but it doesn’t collect all of the humidity. Any air leftover in the room will damage lighting fixtures over time. Consider a new lighting fixture as a way to update the space. You’ll also improve the safety within the bathroom because no new fixtures will short out from wet wires being present.

You might encounter several appliances that need to be replaced right away. In this case, you may want to work with a remodeler to package the work into one project. This strategy allows you to save money on labor by bundling it all into one service. Simply speak to a trusted contractor in order to start your project’s plan.