Which Kitchen Appliance Should Be Replaced Most Often?

We rely on our kitchen appliances more than anything else in our homes. We cannot sustain ourselves or our budget if we have to eat out every meal because our appliances aren’t functioning. Although all kitchen appliances should be kept up with and cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, they all reach the end of their life. When they do, find a pleasant shopping experience in Woodhaven MI. Here are a few things to consider when replacing kitchen appliances.

Kitchen With Island

Refrigerator Freeze Up
The number one, top of the list, appliance to keep updated is the fridge and freezer. With groceries being so expensive, it would be a shame and a hassle to loose them all because of an old fridge that keeps malfunctioning. Keep up with your fridge and freezer and replace every 10 years.

Dirty Dishwasher
Next, pay close attention to the sounds that your dishwasher makes. Since we can’t see any of the pipes or electrical, it is difficult to tell when a dishwasher is about to go. The noise level is an indicator of issues. The louder it is, the harder it is working to get your dishes clean. Depending on your water quality, you should replace your dishwasher every 8-10 years on average.

Toasty Toaster Oven
Mornings are made easier and tastier with a toaster oven. Toaster ovens range from affordable to quite expensive and what you spend on the unit might determine how long it lasts. An expected lifetime of an average toaster oven is about three years, however, you should always keep an eye on toaster ovens. The older they get, the hotter they get when turned on, and can cause huge damage if left unattended.

Essential Oven
Finally, Woodhaven MI is where you want to go when you are ready to purchase a stove and oven unit. If you have a gas range and oven, you will get a few more years out of it. Electric units have a life of about 12 years. You will start to notice that food is cooking unevenly and that is a sign to get rid of it. You really can’t live without an oven or stove, so be sure to keep it updated as well.

Convenient Microwave
Microwaves are next in line. Whether you want to heat up leftovers or just have a single cup of hot tea, the microwave is the go-to appliance. You should expect to get at least nine years out of a microwave and that is dependent on the brand and quality of the model.

Happy Home Ownership
Of all the home maintenance things, keeping up with the appliances is an important and vital part of home ownership. Find everything you need in Woodhaven MI in one place. From keeping your food at the perfect temperature in the fridge, to executing the most elegant holiday meals in the oven, your kitchen is the heart of the home and needs to be kept up with at all times. Finally, be sure to do your research on brands and warranties, as well as maintenance policies, on all appliances that you buy.

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