Which Kitchen Appliances Should You Replace During Each Remodel?

Your kitchen remodeling project is off to a great start. Work is progressing smoothly, but you can see that there are still additions to make to your favorite room. These additions usually include appliances, but how do you know which appliances to replace?

Many times kitchen remodeling includes adding new colors and tones to the decorating scheme. This could mean that it is necessary to purchase and replace all of your major appliances from a Royal Oak MI kitchen and bath remodeler. Some considerations to keep in mind when doing so include color, size, and capabilities. You want appliances that will blend in, fit well into the spaces provided, and have new and updates usages. Every time you purchase a new appliance, you should review the options to ensure that you are getting all the latest and greatest updates.

The appliances you will need to replace should include:

stove-flamesThe Stove

If you are an avid cook or committed baker, this item will be at the top of your list. There are so many variations on the old models. Now you can easily purchase double ovens or one regular oven and one convection oven in the same style. Smooth tops are now the norm, and you can purchase these stoves in almost any surface color you desire. You will also need to decide between gas and electric models, depending on the utilities you have available to you.


fridgeThis appliance too has so many mind-boggling options. Choices can consist of a number of unique options. The style with a freezer door and a refrigerator door is very popular, but the large freezer drawer on the bottom of many models is also very appealing to homeowners. Some may prefer plenty of freezer space, while others may need more refrigeration. Built-in wine coolers may also be an option. Choose what works best for your family and lifestyle.


This is every household’s necessity, especially if you have a large family. Select that size that will best service your family and eating habits. If you eat out a lot, this may not be a large concern, but if your family consumes most of their meals at home, a larger capacity with extra cleaning power is definitely the choice to make.

repairing dishwasherOther appliances may also come into play. For example, some homeowners may have their laundry equipment inside the kitchen area. Even if they are behind closed cabinets or doors, you may want to consider switching them out for matching styles. Many wine lovers must have a separate wine cooler easily accessible to the adults in the household. A microwave and/or vent hood may need to be mounted above the stove. Every kitchen has a different personality and unique needs, so be sure to take all of your family’s requirements into consideration.

To get a uniform look in this room, it is best to replace all of your main appliances. When the remodel is complete, take a step back and admire how well everything blends together and presents a beautifully restored area. Visit a Royal Oak MI kitchen and bath remodeler soon for all of your renovation, remodeling, and appliance needs.