Which Material is Right for Your Kitchen Countertop

A quality kitchen countertop can make or break a kitchen. It can change the overall look, feel, and function of your kitchen. There are many great materials for every purpose you can think of! You can make your kitchen look refined and luxurious, or make it rugged and built to last. The possibilities are endless, but you, the chef, have the final say in the best countertop for you.

Modern Kitchen Interior

1. Granite
Granite is the most common type of stone countertop. It is renowned for its beauty and smoothness. Colors range from gray and brown to blue and even red. Granite often comes in one massive slab, with little seaming required. On the cheaper end, it runs 75 dollars per square foot, yet it can also run upwards of $200 per square foot. With careful budgeting, you can easily find a granite for a reasonable price.

2. Slate
Slate is a natural stone that is naturally smooth and soft. It is extremely heavy and dense, yet is also soft. While it can scratch easily, the scratches can easily be wiped away. Slate’s density allows it to be nearly maintenance free, as other materials are porus and thus require regular application of product.

3. Wood
Wood is an excellent choice if you want to give your kitchen a rustic, traditional look. There are many species and colors of wood that can compliment almost any kitchen. Unlike other countertop surfaces, you can cut food right on the surface, no cutting board necessary! Wood is also a “quiet” surface, as banging from pots and pans will be muffled by the material.

Wood doesn’t scratch like many other surfaces, and with regular maintenance can look great for years. Simply oiling your countertop a few times each year is enough to keep it looking good.

4. Stainless Steel
Used in many industrial kitchens, stainless steel is a strong material that can withstand the harshest treatment. Stainless steel is completely stain-proof, resistant to even the hottest temperatures, and completely nonporous and thus nonabsorbent.

Stainless steel has a cool, futuristic, industrial feel to it. While it can look harsh, when combined with softer textures and colors, this harshness can be offset and even compliment the overall look of your kitchen.

5. Marble
Marble is one of the most sought after materials, renowned for its soft beauty and elegance. Some of the most luxurious kitchens in the world are given a finishing touch of marble. The glossy, shimmering texture is pleasing to the eye.

Marble is naturally cool, and therefore it is easy to work with pastries and dough due to the low heat conductivity. Despite what one would think, marble can actually be incredibly cheap! Prices hovering around $50 per square foot are not uncommon.

However, marble can easily scratch or stain. If you pour wine or grape juice on the countertop, you must clean it quickly, or it can likely be there forever. Also be careful with acidic cleaning products and liquids. Even lemon juice can leave permanent marks.

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