Which Material is Right for Your New Kitchen Countertops?

If you want to remodel your kitchen in Warren MI or anywhere else, the kitchen countertops are the most important part of the remodeling decision-making process. When you sell your home, almost 80% of the remodeling can be recouped. The kitchen countertops, however, are the most important functional and well as an aesthetic feature that will require careful thought and research.
Manufacturers make countertops out of various materials. Any kitchen remodeling company in Warren MI or the surrounding area will be able to provide you with just about anything you want. Determining the best materials for your particular needs depends on the answers to several questions:

Modern Kitchen Interior

• What Kind of Cook Are You?
If you bake a lot, then certain types of countertops may be more suitable than others. Entertaining a lot could lead you to make a different choice. Cooking three meals a day, once a day, or rarely makes a difference in the material selection also.

• What Will Be the Kitchen Layout after Remodeling?
You may find that a mixture of different countertops works best in your design. For example, you may want a wooden countertop for your kitchen island and marble for the countertops elsewhere.

• How Much Effort Will You Put Into Maintaining Them?
Certain materials take more care than others do if you want to maintain their looks and durability. For example, marble or limestone should be sealed once a year. You must oil wood countertops at least once or more annually.

Once you decide what sort of countertop best suits you, then you can decide on the exact material. Below are some of the most popular materials used for kitchen countertops in the Warrant MI area, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each.


1. Durable
2. Stain Resistant
3. Comes in a Variety of Colors

1. Chips Easily
2. Can be Costly
3. Must Be Resealed Annually



1. Inexpensive
2. Stain and Heat Resistant

1. Many Substances Will Stain Laminate
2. A Cut or Gouge Permanently Damages It

Marble and Limestone

1. Heat Resistant
2. Easily Repaired

1. Knicks Easily
2. Some Stains Cannot Be Removed

Butcher Block

1. Easy Installation
2. Easy Repair

1. Easy to Damage
2. Not 100% Stain Resistant


Recycled Glass

1. Contemporary Look
2. Stain Resistant

1. Too Much Heat Will Crack the Surface

Stainless Steel

1. Durable
2. Easy to Clean

1. Easy to Scratch
2. Noisy

The cost of the material makes a difference to most homeowners. You can spend thousands of dollars just on the countertops and more on the cabinets and appliances. Prices vary, but most companies in Warren MI that specialize in kitchen remodeling will often offer package pricing as well as regular sales on different materials. Finally, do not forget about aesthetics. A kitchen is a place where many families spend the majority of their time. You want it to be someplace that you can enjoy for years to come.

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