Which Model of Sink Would Best Suit Your Bathroom?

Whether you’re remodeling the entire bathroom or just looking into a sink replacement in Warren MI, there are some points you should definitely keep in mind before making your final decision. Which model of sink would be suit your bathroom actually depends on a few factors. You need a sink that fits your space, first and foremost. You also want to give some thought to your lifestyle and how you will use your sink each day. Finally, you want a model that fits with your decor and theme of your home. Consider the following information before you go shopping.

Young Plumber Fixing A Sink In Bathroom

Bathroom Size

The size of your bathroom will determine the model of sink it can accommodate. Take time to measure your area carefully. Then take a look at the types of sinks available to get an idea of which may work best. You may want a deep undercounter sink that fits flush into a counter top, but if your space is tiny, a pedestal sink may be your best option. Another option for bathrooms without a lot of floor space would be a wall-mounted model. As the name suggests, this sink attaches to the wall. It offers a nice open look and is easy to clean beneath. If you have room for a small vanity or counter, a vessel sink could fit your needs. You could even get double vessels if your bathroom will fit a long counter space. These sinks are decorative and sit like a bowl above the counter.

Decor Theme or Style

You will likely want your bathroom to remain in keeping with the rest of the house when it comes to decor style. If you live in a traditional farm house, a modern vessel-type sink model will look out of place. Likewise, those with a trendy and modern city apartment probably wouldn’t choose a plain traditional looking drop-in sink when there are more modern choices. The material your sink is made from can influence its style quite a bit. For example, glass is used in vessel sinks quite often and is a modern choice, while porcelain over cast iron tends to be a more tried and true material choice.

Unique Lifestyle

Finally, your lifestyle should have a big influence on which model of sink you ultimately choose. For a bathroom used by children, a pedestal or wall-mounted sink would not be the best choice. These types can be climbed upon and form a safety hazard. Along these lines, glass would obviously be a poor choice for children. Drop-in sinks are great for busy people who need an option that is easy to clean. This seamless look is also a bit more sleek for those wanting a polished look.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of choice when it comes to sink replacement in Warren MI. Now that you know the important factors to consider,you can have some fun choosing the model that is best for you, rather than feeling intimidated or overwhelmed by the process.

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