Which Type of Bathroom Flooring is Best for Preventing Slips?

The bathroom is a vital component of the house that you do not want to get wrong in every detail. It serves many masters and is frequented enough to demand toughness that can match the foot traffic over a long time. Not only does a bathroom have to look elegant, but it needs to be slip resistant, stand up against humidity and water, and be of low maintenance costs. When you search for the perfect flooring for your bathroom, consider the priorities such as safety, children, cost, and eco-friendliness. The following options should provide you with a variety to choose the best non-slip flooring for your bathroom in your Royal Oak MI home.

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Non-Slip Vinyl Flooring

Non-slip vinyl flooring offers perfect traction and is softer compared to the popular ceramic tile flooring. You can purchase the product in either sheets or tiles form. Both offer a higher safety degree in comparison to the contemporary tiles used in bathrooms. Non-slip vinyl tiles are easy to install, look classy, and is easy on your budget. Due to constant moisture, these tiles may start warping and pose slip hazard for your family. When warping happens, ensure the replacement is done fast.
Bamboo or Cork

Usually, the degree of slip depends on the finish, which can be quite safe and slip resistant. Additionally, they are extremely comfortable, renewable and attractive. Aftermarket products are also available that combine with the cork or bamboo to make it more resistant to slips, such as cleaners and rubs. Incredibly, most of these products are treated to enable them to resist the mildew, mold and other allergens associated with wood.
Rubber flooring

Increased research coupled with modern technology has made rubber available in good-looking shapes and designs that are thin and easy to install. What’s more, rubber flooring is never slippery even when it’s wet. Additional layers of paddling are installed with the rubber flooring to increase its softness. Homeowners with children can find this option far better than other flooring types since falls are soft.
Carpet flooring

Carpet flooring in bathrooms is not very common, but those who have it installed are full of praise. Carpet is the best non-slip surface you can install in your bathroom, but it comes with its challenges. Its affinity for mold can be terrifying to most homeowners. However, the carpet comes fitted with products that resist the mold and mildew attack. The use of carpets in bathroom flooring is yet to gain momentum, but you can be a pioneer in your region and let people learn from your experiences as there are others who have it installed and running smoothly on it.

Considering the potential tragic falls in the bathroom for the kids and the elderly, it makes great sense to be sure of the type of bathroom flooring you install. Be cautious of your family type, and consider options that are cheap to install. Additionally, consulting with bathroom experts in your Royal Oak MI region could save you money and prove vital in preventing tragedies from occurring in your bathroom.

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