Which Type of Cabinet is Ideal for Your Remodeled Kitchen?

Luxury Cherry Wood Kitchen with Marble IslandWhat really determines the look and style of a kitchen are the cabinets – not just the finished look but the functionality. Roughly 60% of the remodel budget should be set aside for cabinets, so choosing the right cabinets should be first on your list.

Getting Started

Measure your cabinets to determine what you need. If you have custom cabinets in odd sizes, you have the option to replace them with more custom work or rearrange space to accommodate standard sizes.

Having a professional designer point the way can be a big help to the Royal Oak MI homeowner and contractor alike. But that can add additional costs and perhaps stifle your own creativity.

Available Materials

Understanding levels of quality vs price in cabinets is important in kitchen remodeling . Hardwood cabinets are beautiful but expensive. Pressboard cabinets covered in veneers or laminate save money but are also less durable. There are also metal cabinets, soffit materials, and space-age plastic board that’s costly but should last forever.

Perhaps you have the time to hunt around in Royal Oak MI second-hand shops for used cabinets that can be refinished or painted. The cabinets themselves are often less important than cabinet doors.

Door Style

A modern ktichen with white wood cabinets and new granite countertopThe classic Shaker style is always safe, but would you prefer flat, rustic, raised, or inset doors? A glass face enhances lighting and puts fine tableware on display. A countertop hutch can add similar features while serving as a kitchen centerpiece.

Consider sliding, flip-up, pocket doors, and corner cabinets that can save space and make life easier.  Or forget doors – open shelving is a cost-effective and practical approach. A classic kitchen remodeling idea is to combine looks, such as Shaker doors alongside open shelves.

Finished Schemes

Your choice usually comes down to wood-finish or colors. Anything can be painted. If you plan on preserving wallpaper, paint, or tile work, get something that blends or contrasts subtly. Otherwise you may need all new décor to match your preferred cabinets, including countertops and backsplash. You have to think about matching new or existing appliances and fixtures. While it’s unwise to mix and match wood finishes, differences in color shades, or even contrast between cabinets and trim, can be appealing.

Don’t overlook molding, aprons, corbels, and other fancy touches that are an inexpensive way to decorate plain cabinets.


Flat-panel cabinets with contemporary-style hardware give a modern look. Raised-panel cabinets are more classic and work best with ornate hardware. Rustic looks such as distressed wood might call for black or pewter pulls.

There’s a wide variety of materials and finishes: stainless steel, brass, wood, pewter, bronze, porcelain, and more, with styles ranging from ultra-simple to baroque. The good thing about hardware is that if you change your mind it’s one of the easiest and least expensive things to change.

It’s actually a big project that may leave little cost leeway for errors. All the more reason for remodelers to contact Royal Oak MI cabinetry professionals to help make the right choices.


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