Which Type of Faucet is Right for Your Bathroom?

Your faucet is the focal point of your Clarkston MI bathroom. All eyes are always directed to it, and you can increase the value of your home as well as the quality of life in your bathroom by picking the right representation for your decor. Here are a few tips to help you pick the right faucet.

Bathroom faucet. Water flow from chromed steel faucet front view– Make sure that you match your current decor.

You do not want a Clarkston MI bathroom with wood grain cabinets and a steel, modern faucet and tabletop. These two things simply do not go together! You want a single, defined purpose for your bathroom, so that people go into it feeling a certain comfort. A single idea for your decor is paramount to this comfort. Do not go completely out of line and pick the latest piece if it does not match what you are doing in the bathroom already.

– Consider the spacing in the room.

Take the dimensions of your bathroom. Different tabletops are meant for different size bathrooms. You may be able to move about with a wider display in your full bathroom; however, your half bathrooms may not be able to handle a wide display. You want to keep the dimensions of your new architecture similar to the stuff that you already have unless you are planning even bigger changes to the bathroom such as taking out a wall.

– You want functionality.

As much as you want your counter top to look amazing, you also want functionality. Make sure that you check the brand of your new architecture to make sure that you are getting a product that will last over the long term. There is nothing worse than getting the best looking piece, taking it home, trying to turn it on and realizing that you cannot even connect it because of the differences in pipe size or spacing. Connect with your preferred interior designer to make sure that there will be a consistent water flow and you will not have to worry about clogs or backups in your house infrastructure.

– You want your bathroom to be stylish for years to come, not for a month.

This is not a change that you want to make every month. You can change your towels on a weekly basis, but the counter top assets that you pick need to stand the test of time. Under no circumstances should you pick something just because it matches the flavor of the month in your local architecture rag. Do not compare your bathroom to that of your neighbors. If your architecture requires a more humble centerpiece, do it for the sake of the overall house. You will find that the room will give off a much more polished air if you consider subtlety your friend.

If you cannot make a decision, or if you need proper installation, make sure that you have the advice of a trusted local bathroom remodeler in mind before you go all out on anything! Remember – you do not have to make a decision this big by yourself!

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