Which Type of Flooring is Right for Your Bathroom?

Your home could have the traditional vinyl or linoleum look that was prevalent in the 1970s and 1980s, but today’s bathrooms have so many more flooring options available to them. Tile flooring, in particular, can update a home with long-lasting beauty and durability. In fact, tiles come in a wide variety of styles too, including ceramic, quarry and stone. When you’re trying to decide if tile bathroom flooring is right for your Royal Oak MI home, consider some of the features this product offers.

Tile Texture Background

1. Durability Can’t be Beat

Tile bathroom flooring is incredibly resilient against everyday damage. Scratches and cracks are nearly impossible to create on ceramic tiles unless a major impact occurs, for example. Even chipping isn’t a common occurrence on tiles because these materials are heated to high temperatures during production. This heat solidifies the material into a hard substance that takes a lot of force to break down. Tiles even withstand the extreme temperatures found in Royal Oak MI.

2. Considering Cost

You might be under the impression that tiles are very expensive compared to vinyl or linoleum, but their cost isn’t that different from one another. Depending on the tile’s material and style, an installation might be slightly more expensive than other products. Tiles are relatively simple to install for professionals, so they can complete the job quickly and within budget.

3. Safe Under Foot

Although ceramic tiles are smooth across their surfaces, these flooring installations have a simple way of reducing any slips or falls within the home. The grout filling the spaces between all of the tiles is a grainy substance. As it cures and holds the flooring in place, your feet have some friction with the surface. Your feet will usually touch a mixture of smooth ceramic and grout as you walk, so slipping on the surface is difficult to do.

4. Sensitive Feet Beware

Some tile types, such as quarry, don’t have a smooth surface. Their rough surface gives them a unique look and texture. However, people with sensitive feet won’t appreciate the texture because it might irritate the skin. This same comfort concern also applies to smooth ceramic during the winter. The ceramic floor can get extremely cold, so it’s important to add a radiant heat option under the tiles if the household has mostly sensitive feet.

5. Design Options are Endless

One of the major reasons why people love tile floors is the design choices. Tiles can be laid in nearly any configuration with countless patterns to choose from. You can even be part of the design process to make the floor as unique as your personality.

Because the winters are tough in Royal Oak MI, that doesn’t mean that your bathroom flooring has to reflect the same weathering. If you tile a guest bathroom on a main floor, be sure to clean and seal it on a yearly basis. Tracking in debris from the outside will happen, but you can protect your floors for years of beautiful shine that lasts.

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