Which Type of Flooring Material is Best for Your Kitchen

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Geography should be your guide when it comes to your kitchen floor. Kitchens and bathrooms are the hardest hit rooms in your house, whether there are two in your family or a dozen. Making the decision on which floor is right for your kitchen begins with a simple question and answer sequence:

1. What is your budget?
This may play heavily on your decision. Floor materials come in many different price points.

2. What is your design?
Interior decorators boast that a home that “flows” from one room to the next is more marketable. If there is a sale in your home’s future, you may want to try to maintain this “flow.” There are many design magazines and online sites to help you.

3. What will be the wear and tear on the kitchen floor?
Define what kind of year round traffic the floor will have to endure. Don’t forget to include your pets in the decision.

After you have answered these questions, it’s time to search out your flooring options.


Laminate: If you are installing over an existing floor, laminate may be a good choice. It can be cost efficient for installation and is considered extremely durable. Laminate floors cannot be refinished. If damaged, they are usually replaced. Contractors may recommend a foam under padding to eliminate the noise factor. Laminate is fine for use in the cold climate of Clarkston, MI.

Hardwood: Another option for your kitchen floor may be hardwood. Although wood is durable, and can be repaired, it may not hold up in a kitchen where spills happen. Tracking moisture from the outside can also play havoc on wood. Also, it can dent when heavy objects are dropped. There may be better choices for your kitchen floor in Clarkston, MI. If you are set on a wood floor in your kitchen, consider bamboo. It has proven to be somewhat moisture resistant.

Ceramic: Take a look at the ceramic tile at your local kitchen flooring dealer. Ceramic tile is durable and resists water and staining. It’s a good choice for kitchens or baths. Tile can be cold in the winter, so you may want an under floor heating system, which can be installed under tile.

Stone: If money is no object, then consider stone. It’s tough and elegant. Check out the qualities of the stone you choose, since some limestone and granite will stain. Polishing is often necessary to keep it looking grand – and it can be quite slippery when wet.

Other: There are other floor materials, such as vinyl tiles and sheet flooring. These are usually chosen by DIY-types, but the longevity of these is minimal.

Have fun. Do your research. Ask the Pros what is right for you. Your kitchen floor will look great and be an asset to your home.

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