Which Type of Fridge is Ideal for Your Kitchen Remodel?

Kitchen remodeling starts with a lot of decisions. Cabinets, flooring, countertops, tile, and the hardest decision – appliances.
Home Refrigerator. Silver Home Fridge Isolated On White Backgrou

The refrigerator is often the first appliance you will choose. It sets the tone for the kitchen design, and is the hub of family life – think of how many times you open the refrigerator each day!

After you choose the fridge, the remodeling design can begin in earnest. For your Woodhaven MI home, you have a multitude of choices available. There are many types of refrigerators, each with pros and cons.

Maybe a built-in?

Don’t disregard the possibility of a built-in – they are not always price-prohibitive.

Most popular is the built-in look, where the new fridge is counter-depth and covered with cabinet fronts to match your other cabinets. Side seams are covered with you choice of materials, giving a seamless look.

This is not the least expensive option, but it’s entirely possible with the right contractor.

Start with the finish

Stainless has taken the lead in popularity for several years now. Many feature a finish that doesn’t show fingerprints, which is a needed benefit for families.

Sleek black glass works beautifully with some kitchen designs.

Textured vinyl doesn’t have the audience that it used to have, but it still offers benefits. Vinyl is the least expensive option and high-end stainless is the most popular.

Bottom freezer?

Bottom freezers are all the rage, and rightly so. This design puts refrigerated food at eye-level, and capacity seems to be higher, in general, for bottom-freezer models.

Freezer foods stay free of freezer burn for a much longer period of time, because heat rises.

“Four door” refrigerators have a full-size deep drawer above the main freezer for easy access to frequently used frozen items.

Top freezer?

Traditional top freezers are configured with a deep freezer that’s about one-third the height of the fridge. Door swing is usually reversible.

Prices are lowest on this type of refrigerator, and energy efficiency is the highest.

Side by side models

Side-by-side is a great design if you like easy access to a large capacity of frozen food, but if you plan to cool serving platters and wide plates, you’re out of luck.

Unless you have a wide space, capacity is smaller than other refrigerator designs. A bonus, however, is that there are neat compartments and organizing slots.

French doors on any design

With few exceptions, all design configurations are available with double-opening French doors. This means more possibilities for the placement of your refrigerator, and the traffic-pattern design of your remodeled kitchen.

Most French doors are above a pull-out bottom freezer. Usually the shelves are full-width, so the problem with chilling wide platters is solved with ease.

The good news:

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