Which Type of Sink is Right for Your Bathroom Remodel?

Are you ready to tackle the bathroom remodeling project of replacing your sink? With many different styles and types of sinks available in Royal Oak MI, you’re sure to find one which meets your needs in a stylish and affordable way.

Young Plumber Fixing A Sink In Bathroom

Space Savers: Pedestal & Wall-Mounted Sinks
If you’re short on space but want a classic look, pedestal sinks are the way to go. The style is simple and timeless, and works perfectly for a powder room or guest bath. The only disadvantage is the lack of storage or counter space.

Like the pedestal sink, wall-mounted sinks are huge space savers. These, however, are far more modern-looking than the more traditional pedestal sinks, and they also give you more floor space to work with. Also like the pedestal sink, however, wall-mounted sinks don’t offer much storage or counter-top space.

Trough-Style vs. Double Sinks
If your family has multiple people who need to access the bathroom sink at once, one of these options may be right for you. Trough sinks are large, over-sized sinks with multiple faucets. They are perfect for letting multiple people access the sink at the same time, but because they only have one basin they take up less space than two sinks would.

While trough sinks are great for saving some space, that isn’t always a needed feature. Double sinks can be placed further apart, giving each person more room. They can also offer more storage space for each person, as well as extra counter-top space and spots to place separate mirrors.

Undermount Sinks, Drop-In Sinks, and Vessel Sinks
Most standard sinks are drop-in style sinks, which means that the edge of the sink is over the counter top. These sinks are generally easy to install and uninstall, and also have the advantage of being more inexpensive. However, the caulk used around the edge of the sink tends to collect germs and grime, which means that more cleaning is required.

With undermount sinks, the opposite is true. The edge of the counter is on top of the sink basin, which makes cleanup a breeze. Undermount sinks also tend to look more modern and classy. However, they do require more work to replace and also generally cost more.

Vessel sinks have an entirely different style. Rather than having the lip of the sink at the same level as the counter top, vessel sinks sit on top of the counter surface. This unique style of sink is perfect for those who wish to have an eye-catching sink design. They are more memorable than most sinks, and are generally easier to install. However, these sinks can be harder to keep clean, and some may find the style awkward to use.

No one style of sink is perfect for everyone. Consider your style, the size and functionality of your bathroom, and what uses you’ll need the sink for. If you need more help deciding, our Royal Oak MI re-modelers will be happy to give you advice. Once you’ve decided on the type of sink you want, your bathroom remodeling project can keep moving forward.

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