Which Type of Sink Should You Install During Your Bathroom Remodel?

bathroom remodelChoosing the right time and the best contractor for a bathroom remodel will save you many headaches and a lot of stress. While there’s no completely pain-free way to improve your house, your Warren MI home deserves a remodeling team that will work with your needs and your schedule.

When deciding which upgrades to install, be aware that bathroom remodeling trends continue to move toward:

1) Functionality – Sinks are squared off, often designed to settle on top of the counter rather than mounted under it or settled down into it. This leaves the exterior of the sink visible. If you’re a fan of strong color contrasts, consider the wall-mounted sinks set against a white splash guard.

2) Simplicity – Brushed metals and artisanal tiles provide a rougher, handmade texture.

Commercial applications are being made available for residential bathroom remodeling projects. The hands-free faucet with electronic sensor could be a great addition to a child’s bathroom. These faucets offer options to prevent the water from becoming too hot.

The tiny house trend is going mainstream with features such as this cabinet mounted sink with cover. Open the sink to brush your teeth and cover it when you need a flat spot to set your make up case. If you’re low on square footage, this is an ideal option. Also, for extremely small spaces, consider a sink with a side-mount faucet to reduce the depth of the sink into the bathroom space. Corner sinks also make terrific use of under-utilized space.

Bathrooms designed for children are loaded with easy options for footstools and easy access. This wall-mounted sink and counter offers users all the space they will need and a spot for a step stool. Cleaning under it will be a breeze, too.

If space is at a premium in your bathroom but you still need child-friendly features and easy access for little ones, consider adding a small vanity with a protruding sink lip. This will provide you with storage and offer a spot to slide a step stool close to the sink for easy access.

For homeowners installing the master bath of their dreams, options abound. For example, this wall-mounted sinkoffers a bit of counter top storage in simple elegance. This sink can be dropped into a cabinet or mounted as is, providing you with plenty of options for storage if you need it. This oval design is a simple, elegant shape for your space.

There are other trends to consider as you plan your bathroom renovation. It’s interesting to note that as metal finishes get rougher, cabinet surfaces are becoming more glossy. Darker paint colors and wood tones are becoming more popular in bathrooms, so if you’d like a rich, saturated shade in your bath, glossy cabinets may be a great way to add light to the space.

Your Warren MI home deserves great products installed by qualified professionals. Connect with a remodeling company who understands your needs and can help you select your fixtures and schedule the project in the best way for all the members of your household.