Which Type of Toilet is Right for Your Bathroom Remodel?

A bathroom is, unquestionably, one of the highest trafficked rooms in Warren MI and all other parts of the world. It is a room you and your guests visit every day. Hence, it is no surprise that it is one of the most critical places. For a fact, most homeowners around the globe always look forward to renovating their bathrooms, giving them that crucial facelift. Similarly, in the real estate industries, buyers prefer houses with modern and classy bathrooms to dilapidated or poorly furnished ones. As such, bathroom remodeling is an essential facelift ingredient.

Young Plumber Fixing A Sink In Bathroom

Factors to consider when selecting the types of toilets
There is a myriad of things people consider when performing bathroom remodeling duties. For example, some spacious value showers while some prefer stylish mirrors. There are also those that are obsessed with just the general outlook. However, one thing is very sure; everyone loves new, clean and efficient toilets. In recent years, particularly in Warren MI, companies have introduced new technologies with modern features and designs. As such, clients presently have a broad range of products to meet their needs. However, there are certain essential toilet features clients must consider when remodeling their bathrooms. They include:

• Model and Purpose
One must consider style and function before purchasing a toilet. For a fact, a majority of manufacturers in Warren MI and the rest of the world are currently putting more emphasis on modern remodeling and architectural techniques. They give unprecedented attention to designing eye-catching shapes with a variety of colors. Now, toilets come with different colors, including gray, beige, white, and black. However, when selecting color experts advice that one creates harmony in the room. Sinks and tubs should match the toilet. There are three models available based on function and style:
a. One-piece: These toilets occupy petite space and have a lesser profile compared to a separated bowl and tank. They are often very easy to clean.
b. Two-piece: These toilets are still the most prevalent in the market today. Some designs and styles are readily available.
c. Tankless toilets: These types of toilets are currently on the rise because they highly conserve water. Tankless toilets do not require water tanks to empty waste. Water with enough pressure just runs through directly.

• Spacing
Spacing is one central factor that one must consider when buying a toilet for bathroom remodeling. It should fit well in the available space without compromising other factors. Toilets closer to the wall use less space than those far away. As such, there are three categories that one can consider:
a. Toilets with elongated bowls: They are colossal and very comfortable. They cover between 29 to 31 inches from the wall.
b. Round bowls: These toilets use less space and extend only 25 to 28 inches from the wall.
c. Compact elongated toilets: They are a combination of both round and elongated features. Similarly, they are comfortable but extend about 25 inches from the wall.

• Height or elevation of toilet seat
Normal toilets are 14 to 15 inches high from the floor. Anything that is greater than this standard figure is often too elevated for kids.

• Water Efficiency
Water is a critical factor an individual must consider when remodeling the bathroom. The current technology aims at reducing water wastage. We have low flow and dual flush toilets that both conserve water to a greater extent.

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