There are many reasons why you should consider calling the installation experts at Kurtis Kitchen and Bath. Finding good labor isn’t easy – every item you have installed in your home requires a different set of specializations. In the installation of an average appliance there might be as many as five specialists involved. Having the right people in each of these roles is absolutely essential. Kurtis Kitchen and Bath has spent years developing relationships with the best of the trades, giving us the ability to provide you with a team that can get your job done effectively and efficiently. In addition, Habitat for Humanity will deconstruct your current kitchen and bath and take salvageable items to their resale shop. You’ll get a donation slip.

You Deserve the Best

There are plenty of contractors out there who do perfectly good work. They come in, do what needs to be done and then leave. Here at Kurtis Kitchen and Bath, the words “good enough” simply aren’t in our vocabulary. We feel that our clients deserve the best. That’s why we use only the finest materials and hire only the most qualified and experienced professionals to get your job done.

All The Difference

Even though we employ the very best at Kurtis Kitchen and Bath, we acknowledge that sometimes there are bumps in the road. This is where the company you hire makes all the difference. With our kind of experience, our caliber of workers and our knowledge of the field of home improvement, we are the kind of company that can make it right and put your project back on track. Trust us: If your project’s not perfect yet, it will be soon.



With Kurtis’ Aging in Place program, you can stay in your home safely and comfortably and hold on to your independence regardless of your age, income or level of mobility. We completed the CAPS program to improve the knowledge of remodelers who want to help those who might otherwise have to abandon their homes due to the difficulties of advanced aging.

Lead-Safe Certified Renovator

The EPA has enacted new regulations relating to the renovation of residential buildings or child-occupied facilities where lead paint was used. The renovators in the employ of Kurtis Kitchen and Bath have been trained in lead-safe work practices and as such are fully certified by the EPA to renovate these and other buildings.


Earning this designation means Kurtis Kitchen and Bath has amassed a good amount of remodeling industry experience, a proven track record of successful project management, completed a specially designed curriculum in business management for professional remodeling operations and upheld a strong code of ethics at all times.


Small Budget? Big Dreams? It all Starts with You.